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Updating to Win10: Definitely a mixed experience

As you’d expect, Windows Secrets contributors jumped on the formal Win10 release, downloading and installing the new OS on their various systems. Not surprisingly, they employed a range of methods just to get Win10 loaded.

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AV testing: Is your antivirus app doing its job?

Using savvy security software is an important part of staying safe online. But just how effective is it? You can’t depend on your experience — or mine. The best source for information on the competency of anti-malware apps comes from a handful of independent, virus-testing organizations. Here’s one example.

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Are system/Registry cleaners worthwhile?

As Windows and third-party software have evolved over the years, Windows Secrets has periodically put various Registry- and system-cleanup products through their paces to examine the claims made by and about them. For example, most cleanup software claims to streamline and shrink the Registry by removing obsolete, erroneous data and broken links stored there. Other products claim to do more, such as removing junk files, reducing boot times, and improving overall system performance.

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Tools for foiling malicious links and files

Every day, malicious websites and attachments try to trick you into downloading their dangerous payload. Fortunately, there are websites and tools to help you determine what’s safe and what might be a trap designed to steal personal information and money.

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Email: Drop the junk; keep your contacts

Moving to a new email address isn’t as daunting as moving to a new house. But sometimes it has to be done. You need to make sure that all the right people and mailing lists get your new address; you don’t want to share it with everyone.

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Best techniques for the safe disposal of drives

The design of today’s solid-state drives has made classic data-wiping techniques ineffective. But there are sanitizing procedures that will effectively render sensitive data on SSDs — and other rewritable storage devices — unintelligible.

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What you should know about the Win10 launch

Microsoft has begun its major push for Windows 10 on billions of PCs. If you’re running Windows 7 or 8.1, there’s a good chance you’ve had alerts for the new OS — on your system. The mighty Microsoft marketing system is taking an entirely new approach to introducing the next Windows. Here are the facts, not the hype.

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