Daily Archives: May 26, 2005

New, Free “Fast Track” Online IT Certification Training

I never mention generic ads from the Standard
Edition in the Plus! edition, but special offers— unusual discounts or deals
and such extended to Standard Edition readers— are another matter. To me, it
doesn’t seem right that readers of the free edition of this newsletter might get
those special deals, while Plus! subscribers (my most-valued readers) might not.
Hence, this note tacked onto the end of an otherwise- normal Plus! issue: Not an
endorsement or a paid ad, but just a notice that might save you a few bucks or
get you an unusual offer.

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Reader’s Security Tips

Dear sir,
I don’t know if you have referred in your newsletter to the following locations
which can be the source of much malware, spies,

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“Raw” Data Tool For Digital Cams

Hiya Fred, here’s another tip that I hope you (and your LangaList
readers) will find worthwhile. I try
send you interesting things I run across, because I know it indirectly helps the
children you sponsor.

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Delete Just the OS Files; Leave The Rest

Dear Fred, I am a long time standard subscriber and have
recently upgraded to the Plus Edition.

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Possible Security Holes In XP?

Hi Fred,
I am always amazed at the breadth and depth of subjects you cover.  While
looking at the Free "Data Execution Prevention" item in the Langalist
Plus (#12 in

http://www.langalist.com/plus/newsletters/2005/2005-04-07plus.asp ), I noticed the Remote tab in the System Properties panel. 
It says on my spanking new pc running Win-XP
SP2, "Allow Remote Assistance Invitations to be sent from this computer".  Then
in the Advanced settings it says "Allow this computer to be controlled
remotely."  Neither of these options make me comfortable and I have turned off
the  "Allow this computer to be controlled remotely." option.  I think if I
needed this option, I can go turn it on at the time.  What say you on the
subject? Thanks,
Rob Morrison

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Picasa 2 Out, Still Free

Hi Fred,
I know you covered Picasa in

http://langa.com/newsletters/2004/2004-10-18.htm#5 , but I thought it might
be worthwhile to mention:
Google has released Picasa 2, a digital image tool that has more features than
the previous version. And, it’s still FREE! You can edit, fix digital photos and
even post them to a blog. Might be worth a look. —Mike Harms

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Free Compatibility Toolkit From Microsoft

I got this note from a Microsoft PR person

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