Daily Archives: April 3, 2008

Video shows top 10 ways to break your server

The staff of Scalent Systems labor ceaselessly to quell your common computing woes — again and again.

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VirtualBox is an impressive VM contender

My Mar. 27 lead story described Microsoft’s Virtual PC and VMWare’s VMWare Player as virtual-machine software that PC users should consider — but there’s a great alternative to both. A few readers recommended VirtualBox, and my tests show that this open-source upstart includes the best features of both of its competitors.

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It’s official: upgrade hack included in Vista SP1

The new Service Pack 1 version of Windows Vista allows end users to purchase the “upgrade edition” and install it on any PC — with no need to purchase the more expensive “full edition.”

The same behavior was present when Vista was originally released, but the fact that the trick wasn’t removed from SP1 suggests that Microsoft executives approved the back door as a way to make the price of Vista more appealing to sophisticated buyers.

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