Daily Archives: December 18, 2008

Free software-update service spots risky apps

Secunia’s much-lauded patch scanner is now out of beta.

The service gives you many more options than the updaters built into Windows and other Microsoft products.

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Keep your Net activities away from prying eyes

If you share a PC with someone at home or work, you have pretty good reasons for wanting to keep your Internet activities private.

Yes, it’s easy to cloak your surfing history from casual eavesdroppers, but hiding your browser tracks from determined, technically skilled users is actually quite challenging.

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Even Santa can go a little holiday crazy

The pressures of the holiday season are enough to drive anyone nuts. Just think what it can do to a man who already spends his days amongst tiny toymakers and flying reindeer. It’s not such a stretch to imagine that Santa might snap — and take some of the denizens of the North Pole with him!

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More on troubleshooting Windows network glitches

The connectivity woes Scott Spanbauer reported in his Dec. 11
Top Story
represent only a portion of the network problems Windows users are encountering.

Finding the source of a failed or intermittent Internet link can be a mystery worthy of a fictional sleuth.

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Microsoft’s out-of-cycle patch plugs hole in IE

Please stop your holiday preparations long enough to apply this week’s important security update for Internet Explorer.

While most of the sites that currently host the so-called XML exploit are located in Asia, this attack on IE is likely to spread quickly to other sites, so make sure to update your PCs with this patch before using Microsoft’s browser for anything else.

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Access more memory, even on a 32-bit system

No matter how much memory you have in your PC, you may not be getting the most out of your installed RAM.

A few little-known system tweaks can improve the way Windows manages memory, freeing up more RAM for your applications.

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Did you miss the best stories of 2008?

I’m proud of all the writers for Windows Secrets, but I’m especially proud when subscribers give our writers top ratings for articles they’ve written.

I’d like to say that all of our articles are above average, but the truth is that some stories really stand out with especially high ratings from our readers.

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