Daily Archives: September 24, 2009

Get Gizmo’s updated e-book of the 9 best apps

Back by popular demand, this month’s paid bonus is an updated 2nd edition of Nine Free Programs Every PC Should Have by WS senior editor Ian “Gizmo” Richards.

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Oh, the sweet, sweet power of temptation

Remember when you were a kid and were told to wait before you could eat dessert? That excruciating delay caused fits of fidgeting as you fed the dog your dinner in hopes of hastening the glorious sweet treat at the end of the meal.

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More tricks to evade keyloggers on public PCs

Dozens of readers responded to my
Sept. 10 Top Story,
many of them proposing alternative ways to evade keyloggers other than the “revised Vesik method” I described.

No method can make you completely safe when using a public computer, so you must balance convenience with the level of risk that’s acceptable to you.

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