Daily Archives: August 5, 2010

Are the benefits of defragmentation overblown?

One of the never-ending, always-simmering debates between PC users is whether defragging modern hard drives provides any measurable benefits to PC performance.

Unfortunately, the answer is not an absolute yes or no but instead depends on how you defrag your system.

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Goat calls for help in a most human way

When someone cries for help, it strikes at core of our humanity. Only the most heartless of us could ignore the pleas of someone in distress.

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Keep your computer cool in the summer heat

It’s the peak of summer, and staying cool isn’t just a question of comfort: it can mean survival.

In homes and offices without air conditioning, that fact can be just as pertinent to personal computers as it is to us.

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Eliminate Flash-spawned ‘zombie’ cookies

Way back in a 2008 column, I spotlighted one of the most insidious and least-known features on the Internet: Adobe Flash cookies that were not subject to the usual cookie rules.

Almost two years later, these special Flash cookies are still living in our PCs, and enterprising privacy-busters now use them to create zombie cookies — regular cookies that come back from the dead.

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It’s been 20 years of investigative journalism

When I started writing articles for technology magazines 20 years ago, I wondered whether the principles of investigative journalism could be applied to the computer industry.

Little did I know then that there was an endless supply of dirt to be dug up.

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