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A few good reasons to upgrade from Win7 to Win10

That “Get Windows 10″ icon sitting in Win7’s notification area will get you a free upgrade, but you haven’t decided whether it’s worth taking the plunge. For most Win8 users, upgrading is a virtual no-brainer; for Win7 users, however, the case is not so compelling. Here are a few enhancements that might tip the balance toward Win10.

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Attempting to answer whether MS is snooping

Microsoft has recently released updates to Windows 7 that allow it to gather more information about our PCs. But is the company really tracking what we do on our systems? And can this data gathering be turned off?

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Win10 tweaks to improve computing work and play

If you’ve spent any time working with Windows 10, you’ve doubtlessly figured out that the new OS isn’t perfect. Fortunately, in the Windows tradition, Win10’s behavior can be changed to better fit your computing style. Here are six tweaks that you may find useful.

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Learn to use the Windows 10 Recovery Drive

Sooner or later, nearly every Windows user powers up the machine — and Windows simply refuses to start. Every current version of Windows lets you create and run a self-booting rescue disc, but Win10 takes that tool to a new level.

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How to clean-install a Windows 10 upgrade

The current, free, Win10 upgrade is meant to convert an existing Win7 or Win8 setup to Win10, while retaining the user files and as much of the existing settings, software, and customizations as possible. But, if you know how, you also can use the upgrade to give your PC a totally fresh, from-scratch start; you’ll get a clean install that can’t carry over any potential problems from your current setup — no errors, no misconfigurations, and no junk.

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Sorting through the changes in Windows licensing

With consumer versions of Windows 10 offered free for the first year, many users have questions about licensing. Windows users have never “owned” the OS they paid for, but Win10 has significantly changed the rules.

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Thirty-day Win10 experiment lasts only a week

It was intended as a month-long immersion in Windows 10 and a test of using the new OS on a hybrid laptop. But the experiment ended after just seven days. It turned out that upgrading a hybrid laptop/tablet was a trial of BSoDs and compatibility issues.

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