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PC Drive Maintenance (Excerpt)

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Help for picking your next anti-malware tool

Picking the right anti-malware app can be onerous; there are dozens to choose from, and rapidly evolving exploits are constantly putting them to the test. Fortunately, a few independent organizations such as AV-Comparatives are also testing leading security packages and posting the results.

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Touch Office for iPad/Android — but not Windows?

A touch version of Office is scheduled for release around the time when we’ll see a production Windows 10, but recent releases of Office for iPad strongly suggest that Microsoft no longer considers Windows the “first” platform.

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Ending UAC headaches, once and for all

Windows’ User Account Control (UAC) helps keep us safe from unwanted system changes — but it can also get in the way of routine operations. With the right tools and techniques, you can fine-tune UAC so that commonly used programs don’t trigger UAC prompts.

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How businesses fail to protect customer info

Most Internet users should know by now that personal digital security is in large part our own choice and responsibility. But in truth, our electronic security is also in the hands of the companies we do business with — and they’re not all taking that fact seriously.

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Protecting yourself from POODLE attacks

No, this isn’t about Fluffy gone rogue. To keep our online browsing safe, we rely heavily security protocols — the “S” in HTTPS. But a new exploit — POODLE — shows that commonly used security protocols aren’t as secure as we thought; websites and browsers will both need an upgrade.

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How to safely test-drive Win10 — step by step

As with any product that’s still in development, running Windows 10 Technical Preview has risks. The safest and easiest way to install and work with the preview of the next Windows is within a virtual machine — here’s how.

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Why you should join Win10′s tech-preview process

Given the complaints about Windows 8, the next version of Microsoft’s OS has to be more than good — it must be superb. We’re still a long way from shipping Windows 10, but based on the recently released Technical Preview, it appears Microsoft is firmly back on track.

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