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Tools for testing your Internet speed

There are many reasons an Internet connection will become noticeably slower — including not getting the bandwidth you’re paying for. Internet speed-testing services might help reveal whether your ISP is at fault, but only if you understand how they work.

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Exploring Win10 Technical Preview for phones

While there’s been a lot of discussion about Windows 10 Technical Preview, there’s another Windows on a parallel development track — Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones. Its similarities with Windows 10 for PCs might make you reconsider which phone you get next — or maybe not.

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An introduction to Linux for Windows users

Linux might not have found a comfortable home on the desktop, but for backend services, it’s everywhere. Here’s a guide to Linux, showing why intermediate and advanced Windows users might want to take a look at this open-source operating system.

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Tools for finding PC-performance bottlenecks

That old saying, “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link,” has its Windows analogue: “A PC is only as fast as its slowest subsystem.” You can use Windows’ built-in performance-monitoring tools to detect which of your PC’s major subsystems could be causing slowdowns.

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What Microsoft needs to include in Outlook 2016

As already rumored and expected, Office 2016 is confirmed by Microsoft to be on the (relatively) near horizon. In my opinion, there’s one feature that absolutely must be included: a unified inbox for Outlook.

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What’s new — and expected — in Win10, build 9926

Microsoft’s Jan. 21 Windows 10 presentation revealed all sorts of new information about the next version of Windows, reportedly shipping this fall. Two days later, build 9926 arrived. Here’s an overview of what you can see in the current Win10 Tech Preview — plus what’s likely to dribble out over the summer.

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Microsoft takes on scummy tech-support companies

In late December 2014, Microsoft filed a lawsuit against a U.S.-based company that’s been accused of massive tech-support fraud. If you’ve been the victim of a phony “tech support” call — or you know someone who has — it might be payback time.

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