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Manage Windows 10 with Group Policy

You can use Group Policy to administer your Windows 10 computers, even in a small office. Here’s how. Managing your Windows devices through Group Policy is a task usually reserved for large organizations with domains and Active Directory. But you can also use Group Policy to control one or more computers for a small office if you want to apply the same settings throughout. Group Policy isn’t the most user-friendly tool, but it is effective in that it can display all the key settings and features in Windows, giving you the ability to enable or disable them individually. Certain settings apply only to enterprise-scale organizations, so you wouldn’t touch them. But there are more than a few settings you can tweak for Windows 10 devices used in a small office. Group Policy can be a helpful way to lock down or disable certain settings if you don’t want people in your office to change them. Through Group Policy, you can alter the settings on one computer and have them apply to anyone who uses that computer. You can also export the settings from one computer to another as a way of handling them all. You can use Group Policy no … Read More »

What to Do When You Can’t Upgrade to Windows 10

Back in July 2015, the Windows 10 upgrade became available to the general public, and I was excited about the possibilities for a new user experience.  I looked forward to being able to upgrade my laptop, a Lenovo Thinkpad Edge. Before running the installation, I made use of the compatibility checker, which gave my computer a clean bill of health. Unfortunately, when the time came, the Windows 10 installation failed and rolled back to Windows 7. Each time that happened I received a message which read something like “hardware error CO 13.” Googling told me nothing useful. Even calls to Microsoft didn’t help. I was on the phone for four hours and in the end, they told me I was dealing with a hardware error, but they couldn’t tell me what it was. Fast forward two years, when I was able to get in touch with Microsoft MVP Richard Hay, who spends a lot of time troubleshooting and exploring Windows 10 for SuperSite: Windows. He was going to troubleshoot the installation process to see what was going on. What follows are the steps we took to try and troubleshoot why my Lenovo Thinkpad Edge would not upgrade to Windows 10. For … Read More »

Windows 10: Meet the Feature That Will Save Your Battery Life

Earlier this month, Microsoft made available to mainstream users the third major feature update for Windows 10, known as the Creators Update. Normally the Windows team at Microsoft will take a couple of weeks after releasing the latest feature update to get their new development branch builds in place. It’s a breather for everyone before launching into the next round of work on the next major feature update. However, in the case of the next feature build, Redstone 3, the developers have already released three PC testing builds to Windows Insiders. That is a faster pace than testing build releases following the initial release, November Update, and Anniversary Update of Windows 10. What’s notable: The major feature/under the hood enhancement around which these initial builds have been focused is a new option called Power Throttling. (Note that this may not be the feature’s final name.) Technically, this is not a new thing for Windows 10; in the late development stages of the Creators Update, Microsoft tested a power slider feature that would allow a user to set their system anywhere between “best battery life” or “best performance.” The data collected from that testing shows users wrung out an 11% battery savings. Although … Read More »