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Fred Langa is senior editor. His LangaList Newsletter merged with Windows Secrets on Nov. 16, 2006. Prior to that, Fred was editor of Byte Magazine (1987 to 1991) and editorial director of CMP Media (1991 to 1996), overseeing Windows Magazine and others.

Let your PC start the new year right!

A little time spent now on preventive maintenance can save hours of PC troubleshooting later — and provide better computing all year long. Use the following steps to give your PC an annual checkup — and ensure it starts 2013 as healthy as possible.

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With Windows 8, “off” isn’t really off

Win8’s default shutoff and startup processes are unlike those of any previous Windows version. Completely shutting Win8 down — or doing a truly cold boot — requires a few extra steps!

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Putting Wi-Fi router’s security to the test

If your Wi-Fi router supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) — and most newer home/small-business routers do — it might easily reveal its passwords to a readily available hacking tool. You can use that tool to be 100 percent certain your router isn’t vulnerable to malicious WPS hacking. Here’s how.

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Routers using WPS are intrinsically unsafe

Simple hacker tools can easily sniff out Wi-Fi passwords from routers that have Wi-Fi Protected Setup enabled — quite possibly yours included. Here’s how to protect your network — and even hack your own router to see whether it’s vulnerable.

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