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Fred Langa is senior editor. His LangaList Newsletter merged with Windows Secrets on Nov. 16, 2006. Prior to that, Fred was editor of Byte Magazine (1987 to 1991) and editorial director of CMP Media (1991 to 1996), overseeing Windows Magazine and others.

Great Backup Scheme, With One Catch

A concern I have with Spafford’s backup
scheme (#14 in ): The
connectors. The ThumbDrive connector may break, in which case it’s probably a goner. Don’t
recall where I saw the advice, but I use a short USB extension cable for my
Corsair Flash Voyager 2GB. That spares the USB connector on the Flash media from
RSI (of a sort ;)

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How To Get Langa Blog Via E-Mail

Hi, Mr. Langa: I am a plus subscriber but
need ask about your blog: I picked up valuable tip from your blog about likely
Microsoft promotion probably starting for Oct. 26 purchase of any vista-capable
computer. Based on this I deferred purchase until that time. Your tip will save
me some money— always welcome. Other than going to your site daily or
whatever, is there some way to subscribe to the blog for email delivery? Thank
you. —Oers kelemen

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Another Great Fax Alternative

You certainly have the best newsletter in
this field. Keep up the good work! Re the issue of receiving and (especially!)
sending Faxes via a broadband Internet connection ("Just the Fax, Ma’am" ): I’ve been using
Net2Phone’s CommCenter (and its predecessors) for several years now. This
utility appears to the OS as just another printer; "printing" a document to this
"printer" results in the document being Faxed to a specified recipient. The
software is free; the usage is not, but it is quite reasonable, and I have been
very satisfied with this utility. Tony Chariott ought to try it, too. With many
thanks for all the useful stuff! —Arye.

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Software Reads EULAs (So You Don’t Have To)

Hello again, Fred! A recent article entitled
"X1 Search Utility Phones Home" from the 2006-10-16 edition prompted me to write
in about "EULAlyzer". I searched back-issues and couldn’t find a reference to
the program although I was sure that you did cover it a few months back.

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Is This Newsletter Useful?

If you think the LangaList is a worthwhile read, maybe a
friend would find it useful too! Just use the following link to recommend the
LangaList— your friend may find a new source of useful information and you
just may win one of three FREE ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTIONS to the LangaList Plus!
edition given each month. (If your name is drawn and you’re already a Plus!
subscriber, your current subscription will be extended by a full year.)

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Code Load Success Story

After his site was listed in a "Load The Code" section,
code-loader John Carson wrote:

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How To Move Outlook Express

Fred, I recently upgraded a hard drive in my
laptop and did a clean install. Since I use Outlook Express, I wanted to
transfer all of my mailboxes, rules, filters, signatures, etc. Some can be done
from OE but rules, signatures etc. have to be done through the registry. Below
was the best source I found on how to do it. You may know of a better one, but
either way the information may be useful to other LangaList subscribers who are
upgrading or want to copy their settings to another machine. —Bruce

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Files Multiply Like Tribbles

You’ve probably already written about
this issue but I sure would appreciate knowing what to do. I have several files
that are duplicated. In some cases I may have up to 10 copies of the same file.
I must have set up some kind of backup, but now I’ve created a monster. Is there
any program that can identify duplicated files so that I can scan my system and
get rid of them? Please advise. PS: You are one of the "Best" Web sources
around. Keep up the excellent work. —Lisa

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When Good Teens Browse Bad Content

Fred: I have depended on your clear and
accurate advice over the past few years, but I don’t think this issue has been
covered. My kids are severely becoming teenagers and I am looking for a little
help in taming the wily Web.

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