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Fred Langa is senior editor. His LangaList Newsletter merged with Windows Secrets on Nov. 16, 2006. Prior to that, Fred was editor of Byte Magazine (1987 to 1991) and editorial director of CMP Media (1991 to 1996), overseeing Windows Magazine and others.

Heads Up: New Site Opening Soon!

I’ve opened a third(!) web site to
run alongside the other two that support this newsletter: You probably already
know about Langa.Com, and if you’ve downloaded the free files there, you may
have noticed that the downloads were handled by a mirror site I maintain at
Freetune.Com. But even splitting the files across two sites wasn’t enough to
keep Langa.Com within its already-high bandwidth allocation (it’s already a
"platinum level" site, in Verio-speak, but still routinely blows
through the data-transfer limits there). So I’ve recently launched a brand-new
"LangaList.Com" to help share the load.

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“Joey” Got His $30 Gift Certificate. Want One?

A reader who calls himself
"Joeymacaroni" (!) just got his no-strings $30 Gift Certificate
for any item at Amazon.Com— books, software, hardware, kitchenware, toys, and
more. He got it by using the "Recommend" link at 

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More CDR Backup Questions

In recent issues, we’ve gone over
many options of creating stand-alone, self-contained backups on inexpensive
burn-it-yourself CDs: See
for example.

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Netscape 6.01 and WinME

I haven’t tried the above
combination yet, but reader Lawrence Golodner has:

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CacheMan 4 Arrives

We’ve talked about Cacheman many
times before (
): It’s a free tool that helps you experiment with various settings for Windows’
disk cache: The idea is to help prevent excessive swapping of data from RAM to
disk and back again, and thus improve performance.

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New Month— New Winner!

Yesterday, I selected a random
winner from all those who used the "recommend" form at Langa.Com.
(Once I get a confirmation back from that person, I’ll tell you their name.)

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A CD That Holds 1,000 Gigabytes?

In "CD vs DVD For Backups"
we discussed the likely long shelf- and production life of today’s CD format,
making CD-R a reasonable choice for backups— especially if you include the
tool you need to restore the CD contents on the CD along with the backed-up

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Your Credit Card Subscription Security

Plus! subscriber Phil Prince asks:

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Vendors Want A Piece Of Your CPU

A lot of people are up in arms,
outraged by the new business practices described in "Peer-To-Peer’s Dark
Side" at
.That article is about Juno (the giant ISP) inventing and implementing a new
kind of business model whereby they can take over their customers’ CPUs in an
aggressive and stealthy manner (using a kind of "peer to peer," or
"P2P" technology), and sell their users’s aggregate computing power to
third parties.
You might be tempted to blow this
off with the thought "Hey, Juno’s a free ISP, and people who use it deserve
what they get."

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