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Fred Langa is senior editor. His LangaList Newsletter merged with Windows Secrets on Nov. 16, 2006. Prior to that, Fred was editor of Byte Magazine (1987 to 1991) and editorial director of CMP Media (1991 to 1996), overseeing Windows Magazine and others.

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Still *More* Extra Content!

Yes, it’s yet another longer-than-usual expanded issue, as Mike
and I work to

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Mo’ Betta Linuxes

Noticed the discussion of Ubuntu in your newsletter ( ). Thought I would
share my experiences with Linux. I have been shopping for a Linux
implementation that could be used by a computer layman. Many are usable
right off the boot/install live cd. My favorites used to be Knoppix and
Kanotix. However; the big hangup is installation of additional software. As
you know lots is available but after downloading you need to be a linux
terminal whiz to just find where you downloaded the software, then use the
correct commands (which you must scour the internet to find) to extract,
compile and then run the installation script.  This is a nightmare for me,
and I started computers with HDOS and CPM working exclusively from the
command line.

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MFT Needs Its Space

Fred: I run Diskeeper 10 to defrag my hard
disks and upon completion get the following message: "Due to the high MFT usage,
it is recommended that you expand the MFT on this volume. Use the Frag Shield
option in the Diskeeper configuration properties to configure this volume to a
larger size." I’ve read a few items about changing the MFT and quite frankly it
scares me to make changes. Have you had any experience or reports about using
the Diskeeper option to modify the MFT? Thanks. —Bob

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More Re: Virtually Running Vista

Our recent piece on running Vista inside Microsoft
Virtual PC (VPC) ("Virtual PC Virtually Doesn’t Work With Vista" ) generated some
useful— and unexpected— information from readers about running Vista in
virtual environments.

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Covering Your LCD Assets

Fred: My long-serving CRT monitor
recently got tired, so I got a nice big LCD monitor on sale at Staples. It’s
great. But reading its literature, I got nervous about all the warnings about
the fragility of the LCD display and that impact damage is not covered by its
warranty. That made me search catalogs and on-line for protective screens— and
I was shocked at their cost, over $100, more than half of the cost of the
monitor itself ! But I found a great and reasonably-priced alternative: 1/8"
thick clear Lucite Acrylic Plastic. A local plastics store’s scrap bin contained
several pieces that were just a little bigger than what I needed (16 3/4" x 13
1/4"). Including cutting it to size, it set me back just $3.00 It was easy to
attach to the monitor with a few little pieces of Duct Tape, and it provides
complete protection for the screen. If there’s no Plastics Store locally (check
the Yellow Pages), try your local hardware store. Many sell the same thing, cut
to size, for storm doors etc. —Eric

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Still Not Getting The Messages

Can you help me? I lost my entire
INBOX at Outlook Express – 650 folders. I have been trying to use DBXtract. I
have been successful with recovering some of the files. Others give me an
‘extracted’ comment but nothing is transferred. I have to do this
manually. Sandy Hart

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Well Documented Document Error

I hate to bother you with such a
trivial thing as this, but perhaps others have the same problem. Some time ago,
my email program (Mozilla) and my Google program began something strange. On
occasion, clicking a link in one of them will not result in opening the
indicated link, but rather in an error message that states that a "related" file
could not be "saved" because "the source file could not be found".

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And *Another* Code Load Success Story!

After his site was listed in the last "Load The Code" section, this
code-loader wrote:

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