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Fred Langa is senior editor. His LangaList Newsletter merged with Windows Secrets on Nov. 16, 2006. Prior to that, Fred was editor of Byte Magazine (1987 to 1991) and editorial director of CMP Media (1991 to 1996), overseeing Windows Magazine and others.

Just For Grins

The Dark Roasted Blend blog posted Sunday these "New
Breakthroughs In Mathematics" (Some simple and genius revelations, made by

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Choosy Spammers Choose GIF

Hi Fred, Great newsletter, I have been getting a somewhat
new type of spam I have learned to known as GIF spam. The body of the
message is done in a jpg or gif image and included is a paragraph or two of
nonsense text. The subject line is also some nonsense and the from line is
always different. As a result, customary filtering by Outlook Express does
not work. I have also tried blocking servers as most of these come from
outside of the US, but this does not work either.

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A Very Happy Anniversary

Nine years ago, the very first issue of the LangaList was
published to a small— OK, *tiny* <g>— number of subscribers. To put it
mildly, it was pretty lame. 8-),

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Does Your Page/Swap File Deserve Its Own Drive?

Dear Fred, What about giving the paging
[aka "swap"] file
its own dedicated drive? I’ve done this on several machines with no problems
(although I did *once* receive a "Windows is running out of Virtual Memory"
message while running CorelDraw, which I suspect is not good about releasing memory). In any case, a useful utility is Mark Russinovich’s System File
Defragmenter ( ), which
defrags not only the paging file but also the Registry on bootup. I suspect you
mentioned this at one time or another; I get most of my most useful utilities
from your newsletter. —Jim Allen

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Did You *Really* Send An Infected E-Mail?

Hi Fred – Love the list. I’m writing about
item 4 from your 11/1 newsletter ("Message Says, ‘You’ve Sent Infected

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Getting “Snippy” With Web Pages

Hello Fred! Like everyone else, I am addicted to your
newsletter and I can hardly wait to see and experience all the new changes.

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Don’t Forget Firefox’s “Mozilla Archive Format”

In "How To Save Web Pages," you talked about IE’s "save as
type/web archive, single file (*.mht)" option.

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Powerful (But A Little Geeky) Bulk Renames

We’ve talked
"bulk rename" tools in the past, and they can be handy indeed. One
common use is renaming a pile of digital photos all at once from the
camera-generated names to something more descriptive but still
sequential. For example, instead of something like:

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Outlook Won’t Lose Weight After “AutoArchive” Diet

I run Outlook 2003 so I don’t think I would have the 2Gb
problem referenced in your last newsletter ( )… however, in
the interest of keeping it smaller…I ran autoarchive on all my
folders….I now have an archive.pst file in addition to outlook.pst.
Problem is…outlook.pst did not change in size one whit….what’s up with
that? If some items move to archive.pst shouldn’t outlook.pst get smaller?
Thanks. Your newsletter is the best. —Michael

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