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Fred Langa is senior editor. His LangaList Newsletter merged with Windows Secrets on Nov. 16, 2006. Prior to that, Fred was editor of Byte Magazine (1987 to 1991) and editorial director of CMP Media (1991 to 1996), overseeing Windows Magazine and others.

Comodo Firewall: Friend or Foe?

Fred, When I downloaded the Comodo firewall,
I was surprised to see the company offering several other free security
programs: Verification Engine (anti-phishing), AntiSpam (which uses the
"challenge-response" method you detest), BackUp, iVault, Email Certificate,

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Even *More* Ghostbusting

Our accidental series on spooky
"ghost-in-the-machine" noises and behaviors inside the apparently haunted PCs of
some users continues below. Previously:

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Netmeeting As Remote Control Software

Hi, Fred. In the 2005-11-07 Plus
Newsletter, Mark asked about Remote Control software. An often overlooked piece
of software that has remote control capabilities, and that many people already
have on their computers is Microsoft’s Netmeeting. Windows XP doesn’t install
the Netmeeting short cut under Accessories, Communications like previous
versions, but the program is still there, nevertheless. To start Netmeeting, run
"conf.exe". If Netmeeting hasn’t been run before, a wizard will step the user
through setting it up. Once Netmeeting is set up, another wizard can be run to
set up Remote Desktop Sharing (look under Tools).

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Forum Lurking Reveals Product Pitfalls:

Hi Fred. Thanks for your bible of knowledge.
I should have followed your advice and waited to install the latest Zone Alarm
Pro. I did successfully install the new version on a newer P4 2.4ghz machine and
all went pretty well. It was quirky in that it didn’t seem to remember some of
the permissions for which it constantly prompted. After a few weeks it seems to
be ok.

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Is This Information Useful?

If you think the LangaList is a worthwhile read, maybe a
friend would find it useful too! Just use the following link to recommend the
LangaList— your friend may find a new source of useful information and you
just may win one of three FREE ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTIONS to the LangaList Plus!
edition given each month. (If your name is drawn and you’re already a Plus!
subscriber, your current subscription will be extended by a full year.)

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Transform Your Desktop With Toolbars

Fred, there’s a
surprisingly useful launch bar built right into every copy of Windows (I’m NOT
talking about the Quick Launch bar, which is just plain lame), and I’m surprised
that I’ve never seen you or anyone else mention it.

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Hosing Down The Dust; and This “Expanded” Issue

We’re finally catching up, thank goodness. I spent an
entire day just going through reader mail and subscriber service requests, and
got through most of it; I’m within striking distance of the rest. <g> Most
readers got their last issue normally, but a minority— especially those who
had pending address-change requests, for example— did not. For those folks,
this will be the first issue they’ve seen after the hiatus. (If you missed the
first new issue, it’s here for Plus! subscribers and here
for Standard Edition readers: )

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Some Very Nice Free Software

Over the summer, I found a some new
software you might be interested in. Best of all, it’s free. There’s more than I
can put in one issue, so let me start in this issue by telling you of a very
large collection of free stuff— some of it very, very cool:

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Can Swap Files Cause Blue Screens Of Death?

Hi Fred, I’ve been a heavy tinkerer with my
computers for many years, so I’ve learned to deal with almost all computer
problems. The past few days, though, I’d gotten several "page fault in non-paged
area" BSOD on my WinXP installation. Now, knowing that my machine is six years
old, under heavy use, and soon to be replaced, my first thought was that I had
faulty RAM. Just on a hunch though, I deleted and recreated my semi-permanent
swap file, and since then <knock on wood> haven’t seen a BSOD.

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Update on Jakison, A LangaList-Sponsored Kid

About a year ago, we added Jakison to the group of
kids sponsored on an ongoing basis by LangaList Plus! subscribers.

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