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Fred Langa is senior editor. His LangaList Newsletter merged with Windows Secrets on Nov. 16, 2006. Prior to that, Fred was editor of Byte Magazine (1987 to 1991) and editorial director of CMP Media (1991 to 1996), overseeing Windows Magazine and others.

CD/DVD Quit Working

Hello Fred, I am an avid supporter of LangaList. Your straight forward, no punches pulled
to every problem solved is enjoyable and refreshing.
While I am not new to computer science, (I was involved with RCA drum memory,
RCA Spectra 70), once in awhile I get confounded by new approaches.

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Curse Of The Recovery CDs

Fred: I’m a relatively new subscriber, but I have found
LangaList Standard/Plus to be invaluable.

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Drive Cable Problems

Hi Fred,
I LOVE Langalist! Just thought I’d get that out of the way. The terabyte 
server is something I’ll tackle this year. A question I hope you’ll have time to
3 months ago I started to experience a bad boot. I’d get to BIOS, then
get the black screen with "Can’t find primary 0 HD" and "Can’t find
secondary 1 HD" or words to that effect. For several weeks, I’d open the
case (after rebooting several times with the same result) re seat the
ribbon cable to the motherboard and the drives, and it would boot. (Dell
4550, XP home, BTW) Finally, that stopped working, and it would only
boot intermittently.

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His Floppy Flopped

Hi Fred, I appreciate the time and effort you put into the
newsletter. I have a  little problem with my floppy drive, it will only read
raw data and will not write at all. I usually click before I read and It
appears I clicked at the wrong time. Would appreciate help to get my floppy
drive back. Thanks. I look forward to every issue. —Bob Hurley

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Free NAS Software

NAS or "Network Attached Storage" ( ) is a technology for adding disk space to a
network for use by everyone on the LAN. It’s one way that the huge amount of
storage provided by our $500 terabyte PC ( )
can be used:

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