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Fred Langa is senior editor. His LangaList Newsletter merged with Windows Secrets on Nov. 16, 2006. Prior to that, Fred was editor of Byte Magazine (1987 to 1991) and editorial director of CMP Media (1991 to 1996), overseeing Windows Magazine and others.

Undetectable Hardware-Based Malware?

Hello Fred, Thanks for all your articles,
especially the one I read when I first became a home computer user.

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Workaround For Public PC Worries

In "Public PC Worries" ( ), we discussed some
of the problems and solutions to using vulnerable hotspot connections and/or
public PCs such as those at internet cafes, coffeeshops, and the like. Here’s
another idea:

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Lost Digital Pix: Found!

Hi Fred: Thought this might be useful.

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Free Tool & Demo From Fred

Hi Fred. I’ve been a subscriber to the Langa-List since its
inception, and a long-time Plus member. I used to enjoy the articles you
wrote for Windows Magazine all those years ago!

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Other Deletion Tools

The custom process described in #1, above, is sometimes
needed because many of the free and commercial file-deletion tools shy away from
working in the root directory, where a mis-deletion might whack a whole chunk of
the hard drive’s contents.

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Who You Gonna Call?

Dear Fred; I have been a Plus subscriber for
several years, and I always find the Langa List Plus very interesting and

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Gone Like A… Flash Drive?

In , you said and I quote,
"Nothing’s interactively written to the flash drive. This makes things much
faster, and also increases the life of the flash device by not needlessly
consuming the device’s finite number of write cycles."

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