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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

Save the world from spammers in your spare time

Recently, British writer and comedian James Veitch told a TEDTalks audience about his email correspondence with a spammer who offered him a get-rich scheme involving gold.

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An imperfectly good result: printer prints

Lounge member Pheasant bought a new Brother printer to replace an old one that had worked on his Win7 system. Despite much effort and two hours on the phone with Brother support, Pheasant’s Win7 Dell computer continued not seeing the new printer, although another computer did.

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Process-of-elimination troubleshooting at work

Lounge member RPinNC couldn’t get an Internet connection on one of his PCs, despite a painstaking examination and testing routine. So he described his problem, setup, and procedure to the Networking forum.

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Applied science for outdoor adventurers

Are you good at guessing the angle of a slope you’re facing? Very likely not!

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Accurate predictions from ‘Back to the Future’

The predictions we’re reviewing in this video are from “Part II” of “Back to the Future,” released in 1989. Sorry, Cubbies, you didn’t win the World series in 2015, but you were in the running. Whether by accident or shrewd prognostication, others of the movie’s 1989 looks forward into 2015 produced more solid results. Whether your orientation tends to be historical or futurist, you can have fun letting this video remind you what turned out to be sort-of true.

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The hitchhiker’s guide to Windows Secrets 2.0

With apologies to the late Douglas Adams. We’ve received lots of feedback and support from you this week, along with many questions. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. We’ll address as many of your questions as we can here; we’re also changing some policies whenever possible in response to your suggestions. There will undoubtedly be other changes over time.

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Good advice: Test your backup system

Lounge members in more than one forum have computer-system backups on their minds this week. Maybe the passing of one year into a new one naturally makes people anxious about data loss.

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How to adjust your just-made resolutions

Comedian John Oliver espouses a number of virtuous behaviors (believe it or not) in this New Year’s video riff on resolutions.

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