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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

Angles on the bootable USB flash drive

Lounge member tb75252 posted in the Other Applications forum, asking how to make a USB flash drive capable of booting a computer. Meanwhile, in the Windows 7 forum, Lounge member nanv asked a similar question, although a little more urgently; her computer didn’t come with a CD.

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Unintended consequences of selfie-stick abuse

Just as you catch up with the art and science of selfies, you discover a newly extending hazard: selfie sticks. In the old days, selfies happened at arm’s length. But now, narcissistic self-regard has easily parodied consequences, as you can see in this video. Beware the range of a selfie stick!

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Preparing for bad digital-life eventualities

Lounge member Rhinoceros has been thinking about economical ways to recover from a system failure. He’s particularly concerned about recovery when his machine won’t boot.

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If Henri, le chat noir, were your host

We realized recently that we had not been keeping up with Henri, the famous Seattle feline philosopher. We’re happy to report that Henri continues to think out loud. On the other hand, he’s had occasion to consider canine nature since the last time we visited him. You might imagine that Henri’s musings aren’t likely to lead to the complete happiness of any dog he studies. Too bad for the sweet dog in this video.

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Learn something new about an old app

Lounge member naomi inherited an org chart created in Visio but found it partly crippled: boxes moved only horizontally, not on the vertical plane. She asked for suggestions for solving this problem in the Other Apps forum.

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As if Berlin were a whole little earth

When German photographer Jonas Ginter dressed up in a crocodile suit and took his 360-degree GoPro camera crew on the road (and river) in Berlin, he created a beguiling little planetary experience for viewers.

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Learning new-to-us facts by accident

Lounge member access-mdb accepted genial ribbing from fellow Loungers in the Third-Party Browsers forum, when he confessed he’d learned a Firefox tab-moving trick by accident. In the ensuing discussion, he learned why he might want to use that feature in future — as did some other Loungers. You might want to see discovery in progress by checking in on that conversation.

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The fine art of carrying on at Burning Man

Burning Man has a big reputation to go with its radical reality. This video reveals a few interesting truths that have emerged Black Rock City.

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Too darned hot: Computers prefer to keep cool

When a Lounge member wrote to the Hardware forum about his overheating laptop, he set off a flurry of concerned responses.

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Strolling down a beach — with strandbeests

Dutch artist Theo Jansen has been building animals out of PVC pipe, sails, and other materials since 1990. His beguiling creatures recently attracted crowds to Crane Beach in Massachusetts.

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