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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

Superfish has been around longer than you think

Lounge member Jagworld wonders about the notorious Superfish, recently in the news because it was factory-installed on Lenovo computers. He found it in his Windows Registry — and he doesn’t have a Lenovo.

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Don’t worry, be happy — canine style

Many people are unhappy about the weather, during this Northern Hemisphere winter. Perhaps we should all take lessons from the dogs in this video, dashing through the snow.

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Searching for less-is-more software

Lounge member gsmith-plm is a semi-retired computer guy and wants a less baroque set of tools than Office to suit his streamlined intentions. “Any hope,” he asks his fellow Loungers in the General Productivity forum, that we’ll “ever see a simple word processor and spread sheet that will work with Office documents?”

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Cloud workplace: Commuting 1,768 feet up

Some people bring an edgy sense of adventure with them everywhere they go. For some of them, it’s a job requirement — such as when working in space or on tall, skinny radio towers. This video records free climbing to the top of a transmission tower — one of the tallest in the world. If you don’t know whether you can tolerate heights, noting your own reactions as you watch this video will give you an inkling.

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Getting informed about cloud storage

Lounge member georgelee needs more storage for photos and is looking for information on cloud storage — info mostly about OneDrive. Like almost all software and technical services, cloud-storage capacities and costs are evolving rapidly. It’s a topic ripe for discussion.

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Work fun: No place like a farm in Kansas

“We have happy cows in Kansas,” says Farmer Derek Klingenberg. Maybe so. After you see his Cow Art video, you might believe Klingenberg contributes a measurable boost to elevated bovine mood, or at least to the banishment of cow boredom on his section of the Great Plains.

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How Cortana gets to know you, step by step

Lounge member handcuff36 was bemused by the apparent activity of Cortana, who wasn’t supposed to be working yet in Montreal.

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Another Amadeus, happy to entertain the world

Amadeus is a small black chihuahua with a strong disposition to clear pool tables.

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Living a useful life making mistakes

When you reformat the wrong hard drive and erase nearly 2TB of your own data, it’s remarkably generous to mention to anyone what software you used to recover from your giant error. Sadder but wiser Lounge member CLiNT kindly offered a review of the recovery software he used. You might find the information extremely useful — you just never know when.

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Could be true: “Brains can get messy”

Did I mention that I never planned to serve you rodent meat?” might have been what one commentator said to another on national television — so say the producers of the most recent “A bad lip reading of the NFL.” For special insight into the possible concerns of football players, their coaches, officials, and fans this coming Super Bowl Sunday, let this video be your preview to coming attractions.

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