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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

Athletic competition — among Danish bunnies

The long-eared track-and-field champions performing in this video are, in all probability, unfamiliar to you.

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SkyDrive delivers old news after Win8.1 upgrade

A Windows Secrets Lounge member thought his upgrade to Windows 8.1 had gone well. But then he noticed old data in a spreadsheet he kept in SkyDrive.

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Broadway Bombers skate through NYPD blockade

New York’s famed Broadway is one of the city’s oldest streets. Well known for its shops, shows, eateries, and hundreds of yellow taxis, it has recently become the site for a highly unofficial, annual skateboarders’ race, the Broadway Bomb.

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Parsing Office 365 requirements: Always online?

Lounge member CWBillow has been offered a deal: Office 365 for U.S. $20 a year through his university. But he worries about what will happen to his productivity in the Office suite if he loses his Internet connection.

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Uneasy lives of dogs in cats’ houses

Safe in its home environment, a cat can be just as inclined to be “top dog” as any dog is. This video is a tribute to mannerly dogs flummoxed — and even intimidated — by feline occupation of a dog’s special place.

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In Outlook, search might be a sometime thing

A Lounge member can’t find what he’s looking for in Outlook 2010 — even after rebuilding its index twice.

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Thanks to Lizzy, the level-headed chicken

How often have you been entertained by someone discussing the virtues of two-axis image stabilization?

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Look for software’s official download site

Lounge member globalist’s experience with the VLC media player began badly — twice. Because it came with so much junkware, he didn’t trust it.

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Coffee house prank is clever movie promotion

Patrons of a West Village, New York City coffee house might have experienced a sharp spike in adrenaline — not brought on by caffeine, but by unexpected telekinetic adventures secretly arranged by MGM and Screen Gems. The stunt was to promote a remake of the movie “Carrie,” due out later this month.

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Measuring the virtues of drive imaging

On a recent afternoon, Lounge member bbearren meddled with his Windows 8 registry and rendered his computer unbootable. Happily, he had a three-day-old, restorable drive image.

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