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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

Rethinking passwords and their keepers

When Lounge member DavidToronto aired his reservations about password managers in the Security & Scam forum, he launched a discussion about security that went well beyond how one uses a particular tool.

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Getting past obstacles but not over your nerves

Hikers, bikers, drivers, and train passengers can test their luck and courage on bridges all over the world. Would you willingly cross platforms that seem to float miraculously high over chasms, or tread on old rope-and-wood constructions swaying over rocks and rushing rivers?

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Phone calls from knowledgeable strangers

Imagine Lounge member Cmptrgy’s frustration: A friend turned her computer over to phone scammers less than a week after he’d restored her troubled system to a good-as-new state. She wasted $200 and four hours, all because strangers told her they were from Microsoft Technical Support. She was “warned” that she had 30,120 infections — which they could fix.

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A more extreme version of Olympic speed skating?

If you caught any of the speed-skating events at Sochi, you know that the sport is extremely unpredictable and has a high potential for serious injury. But you probably never imagined these races enhanced with Pac-Man sorts of obstacles.

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Who can suspend your email account?

Your ISP can suspend your email service, Lounge member deanvet has learned, for sending too much mail.

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Invitation to leaping in a stream: Elk version

When was the last time you jumped into wet and muddy happiness and made a big splash? And then did it again? And again? Maybe this young elk will remind you of an uncontainable minute or so in your own life.

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Readers write about the coming XP end-time

After we published Woody Leonhard’s Feb. 6 Top Story, “A last reprieve for the enduring Windows XP?” we soon had more than the usual number of letters; most of them were from readers asking for help delaying the end of the useful life of XP on their computers. This week, we share four of the more interesting reader reactions to the imminent — or not — end of life of Microsoft’s famous old operating system plus two reader remarks about the latest iTunes update.

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Trick-shot Titus has a magic way with basketball

Titus has been throwing basketballs into baskets practically since he learned to walk. Now at age two, he’s a basketball phenom — at least on the Internet. His father and mother (Joseph and Kristin Ashby) make good-humored videos of his exploits, his older siblings cheer him on, and celebrities lose trick-shot challenges — really! — to this hugely talented young athlete.

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A good way to see PC content when far from home?

With remote-access app LogMeIn now available only by paid subscription, a Lounge member considers the virtues of TeamViewer.

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How Seattle celebrates a Super Bowl victory

Seattle has a reputation for cool orderliness, an almost unshakeable politeness in public (except for a few infamous instances of trouble such as the WTO riots in 1999 and the IWW General Strike of 1919). The more usual Seattle demeanor is known widely as Seattle Nice, which bumps hard against the city’s famously visible (and audible) enthusiasm for its football team when team and fans are inside a stadium together.

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