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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

A little bit of alarm for the holidays

In case holiday gift shopping isn’t scary enough for you, this week’s video records the reactions of innocent passersby to a crabby, suddenly animate, ornament. Scaring holiday shoppers and happy children is no way to spread Christmas cheer, but the snowman does get his comeuppance well before spring.

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Need tools: Good but not too expensive

Lounge member dc696969 needs a PDF creator, and he has some requirements and preferences concerning how it works and the range of files it works on. He brought his list of wishes to the Other Applications forum.

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Father Christmas takes his holiday in Copenhagen

You know what Santa Claus is doing in December. You might not know, however, that he takes his summer vacation in Copenhagen.

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When your problem turns out to be a known issue

Lounge member (and student) bassfisher6522 signed up for the free educational version of Office 365. All was well until one afternoon when Outlook informed him he needed to reactivate his account.

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Slightly skewed — but true — American history

There are many myths about Thanksgiving. John Green, novelist, historian, and video blogger, undertakes to set the holiday in its true context.

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Tool to prevent one problem can cause another

Lounge member EWek11 is baffled by a Windows Group Policy error message that arises in response to the Google Picasa updater.

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Puff, the lion-hearted rooster, rules

Meet Puff, the fancy rooster, and Blacko, the chicken-hearted cat.

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Diagnosis: It just might take a village

Lounge member ggmcbreen, a graphics designer, relies heavily on graphics properties of certain tools such as thumbnails, which suddenly were not showing up in her folders. Instead, she saw mainly blank icons.

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Canadian bear cub takes an interest in golf

On a British Columbian golf course, a foursome of bears — a mama with three cubs — preceded the human visitors to the green. One of the cubs took a particular liking to the pin flag.

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What’s often in too big a hurry to be right?

Lounge member MartinM was frustrated by Word’s tendency to supply the entire current date every time he typed “2014.”

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