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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

Stop (and ask) at the forum before you shop

This week, various Lounge members are picking brains in the forums before they download software, replace hard drives, and so on.

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Revolutionary history of weights and measures

Why would anyone invest 1 million euros to sculpt a perfectly round, one-kilogram sphere of silicon?

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When Microsoft really does call you on the phone

Forum member marshallman reports to the Security & Scams forum this week his recent experience with an “I’m from Microsoft” telephone scam. He wasn’t looking for a solution; he just wanted the impressions of others with similar experiences.

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It’s the return of SharkCat — riding a Roomba

The cat-video genre is particularly rich. This week, we bring you a new offering of Sharky the cat riding a Roomba

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Video-editing app lost after OS upgrade

Lounge member sumac liked his “simple yet effective” Pinnacle Studio 9 video editor, but then he upgraded his operating system to Windows 7.

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Reviewing cosplay at San Diego Comic-Con

Among the more arresting signs that a comic-book convention or anime festival is under way in a city are throngs of human beings dressed up as comic-book characters, strolling streets or making their conspicuous way toward convention-hall meeting rooms.

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How to protect nonprofit tools from volunteers

A lot of good work happens at nonprofit organizations. Unfortunately, a lot of computer mayhem can be caused by insufficiently savvy users. Lounge member cmptrgy asks in the Maintenance forum for tips on limiting the damage to computers in his charge, including how to prevent irresponsible downloads.

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Be yourself but better: Guide to Burning Man

It’s time to finish your art car for Burning Man (this year: Aug. 26–Sept. 2), the annual festival of radical self-reliance in the Black Rock desert. When you arrive, you’ll be in Nevada’s second-biggest city — for a week, and then it vanishes utterly and leaves the desert as it was.

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Electricity is hot topic in Hardware forum

When a WS Lounge member ordered a surge protector for his new system, he asked his friends in the Hardware forum what they knew about claims that surge protectors slow Internet speeds.

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Balloons over Londonderry are Sky Orchestra

When artist Luke Jerram arranged for seven hot-air balloons to float over Londonderry, Northern Ireland, at 6:30 in the morning, each was carrying its own sound system.

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