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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

Little box works at purposelessness

Someone went to a lot of trouble to build a handsome little wooden box — with no utility whatsoever. Which isn’t to say it doesn’t do anything. It has mechanical innards that enable it to beep, sing, mutter, turn itself about, raise its lid, turn itself off — repeatedly — and, finally, raise a white flag. Why, why, why? you might ask.

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Favorite software of the image-editing crowd

Lounge member jsachs177 knows exactly what he hopes to find in an image-editing program. So he made a list of his wishes and posted it in the Graphics/Multimedia forum. Happily, fellow Loungers provided helpful — and well-reasoned — recommendations.

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Artful walking and other choreographed endeavors

It seems the only limit to new competitive events is the human imagination. The surreal sport of precision walking begins this week’s Wacky video. But why stop to contemplate just highly stylized walking when there’s room in a video camera’s memory card for coordinated demonstrations of cheerleading and martial arts?

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The ‘try something else’ solution for Hotmail

When Lounge member oldn advised his wife to sort her Hotmail messages into folders to make them easier to find, she did. But after she made her messages easier to see, she couldn’t move them on her own laptop.

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Acrobat over real-life, rush-hour bridge traffic

On any given day in New York City, looking up gives you plenty to see. When aerialist Seanna Sharpe climbed the Williamsburg Bridge, anchored her silk swing from upper beams, and performed her routine, onlookers paid particular attention.

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Confusion about latest Windows security update

When Lounge member compiler sought help in the Security & Scams forum concerning recent Security update KB 2964358, he wasn’t the only person failing to understand conditions and prerequisites for the download.

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Why did the crow slide down the window?

Why did the crow roll down the conveniently located slope (provided by a snow-covered parked car)? Before you start thinking about “why the chicken crossed the road” jokes to account for the actions of a crow, you might ponder any encounters you’ve had with these intelligent birds.

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Making a list: Counting virtues of Windows 8

If Windows 8 were a kid, it might feel picked on ever since first setting foot on the playground. But based on discussion begun by Lounge member Prescott in the Windows 8 forum, you might gather that the playground is growing a little friendlier (Windows 8 runs fast, people admit), however grudgingly. Others allow that Windows 8 has grown more attractive in other respects, too.

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People in the sky in diamond formation

If you plan to remember an event by living through it, jumping out of an airplane isn’t something you do on impulse. In the fall of 2012, 100 experienced skydivers from 21 countries briefly floated in formation over Perris, California — and by doing so, they set a 100-way, wingsuit world record.

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New tools, new features: Getting to know them

An upgrade in one technology often forces upgrades of others. Lounge member PamS reaffirmed this truth when she explained how she came to be using NotePad++ as her new text editor.

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