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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

The travails of a good-sport fisherman

Bill Dance’s website calls him a Southern gentleman angler as well as America’s most-loved TV fisherman. Even if you never see his show, you’ll at least appreciate these outtakes for his sense of humor.

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How do we love thee, XP? Let us count the ways

When Lounge member bhdavis brought performance data from his XP desktop and Win8 laptop to the Lounge, he asked for opinions about the usefulness of additional memory for his Windows XP Home machine. Should he buy more?

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Small boy with big sticks plays gigs

Avery is a mere six years old — and he’s already an exceptional musician. His drumming is not simply enthusiastic or con brio: he knows what he’s doing.

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How to network various Windows versions

Lounge member TerobitTony wants all his PCs to share all their files. But it’s a trick to get one Windows 8, two Windows 7, and two Windows XP machines to all recognize one another.

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Riding on the ridge of the world in Nepal

You won’t get a mountain biker’s workout watching this video. But you might get a high as well as a hankering to travel.

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How to share big video files privately

We’re long past the old days of shared dinners and long nights of vacation slides.

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Ice cubes bigger than chunks of Manhattan

In May 2008, filmmakers were on hand to witness a calving event in western Greenland — the largest ever recorded on video.

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Software updates: For more than new tricks

When capehartjd downloaded some videos using iTunes, he thought he should be able to view them using iTunes, too. But they were unwatchable.

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Dog and human entertained by machine

Here’s a happy alignment of aims: an engineer’s desire to take a new approach to a common task and a dog’s irrepressible need to chase a ball.

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Seal pup works hard at relaxing on surfboard

A young seal can see it’s possible to balance on a surfboard — after all, at various moments two or three seals are already up there.

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