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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

Trick-shot Titus has a magic way with basketball

Titus has been throwing basketballs into baskets practically since he learned to walk. Now at age two, he’s a basketball phenom — at least on the Internet. His father and mother (Joseph and Kristin Ashby) make good-humored videos of his exploits, his older siblings cheer him on, and celebrities lose trick-shot challenges — really! — to this hugely talented young athlete.

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A good way to see PC content when far from home?

With remote-access app LogMeIn now available only by paid subscription, a Lounge member considers the virtues of TeamViewer.

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How Seattle celebrates a Super Bowl victory

Seattle has a reputation for cool orderliness, an almost unshakeable politeness in public (except for a few infamous instances of trouble such as the WTO riots in 1999 and the IWW General Strike of 1919). The more usual Seattle demeanor is known widely as Seattle Nice, which bumps hard against the city’s famously visible (and audible) enthusiasm for its football team when team and fans are inside a stadium together.

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Wise to try more than one antivirus program

It wasn’t that Lounge member Miv was recklessly doing without an anti-malware program, when his machine was infected by a virus. Rather, his antivirus software failed to detect and remove the interloper.

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From the sidelines: They crushed his cape

Super Bowl Sunday is almost upon us. Millions of Americans will be parked on their sofas, ingesting chips and beer while watching the action on the field — and off.

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When it’s smart to lose a little money

As a Lounge member was wrapping up the upgrade of his wife’s PC from Windows Vista to Windows 8, his wife wondered whether he could restore her pre-upgrade voice-over-Internet-protocol (VoIP) apps. She wanted to keep the small credit associated with the service. He doubted he could pick out the apps from the Macrium backup image he’d made but prudently brought the question to the Other Applications forum.

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Fox makes making a living look like fun

Winter is when a fox’s flamboyant hunting tactics truly come into play. The predator might not be as analytical as a scientist in its pursuit of prey, but it turns out fox tactics are quantifiable.

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How to manage the contents of your hard drive

When a Lounge member asked for guidance about when to expand/increase his hard drive, his fellow Loungers in the General Windows forum approached the question differently than he had.

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Are you mad about the costume, pet?

If a certain canine or feline member of your household has recently eaten your socks or shredded your ficus tree, you might want to reflect on what you did to deserve it.

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When a hacker might look like a helper

Lounge member rgrosz was troubled by an email notifying him that his new address had been created. He reported the event in the Security & Scams forum.

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