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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

Always good advice: Check your settings!

A Lounge member voices a frequent complaint about e-mail messages: incoming e-mail fonts are too small! He simply wants Thunderbird to use a normal font size for incoming mail.

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Shall we dance everywhere with Matt?

For about a decade, video-game developer and world traveler Matt Harding has danced enthusiastically — though not beautifully — in many exotic locations. In this latest of his viral videos, he dances with new friends in 71 places around the world.

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Digital sublimity: Typewriting the iPad

If you haven’t been dumbstruck with wonder lately by what someone will come up with next, here’s a cute little proof of concept: an iTypewriter.

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Java: Conduit for new zero-day attack

In the Security & Backups forum this week, moderator Tinto Tech provides links to reports of a zero-day attack that uses Java to gain entry to machines.

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An argument for best use of credit cards

Most people don’t have enough plastic in their wallets to equip a band the way this band does: every one of its instruments incorporates a credit card (or quite a few of them) as material.

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Do graphics tricks without Photoshop

When members of a high-school class reunited this summer to celebrate their long-ago graduation, they asked one of their classmates to get their senior-year annual online. Lounge member t8ntlikly ran into perplexity reproducing captions and photos that spanned spreads.

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Facebook is almost everywhere: you might be, too

This month, all Windows Secrets subscribers can download Chapter 13: “Playing It Safe: Facebook Privacy.”

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Artists with paint cans strive for glory, too

Athletes from everywhere weren’t the only competitors who got on planes and flew to London this summer. So did a few graffiti artists from Zurich, Switzerland.

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New malware claims it’s the FBI, shuts you down

A post by RetiredGeek in the Security & Backups forum alerts computer users to a report of a new scam claiming the FBI has shut down your machine.

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World Order shows us “Machine Civilization”

World Order is a band and dance troupe formed by the retired Japanese mixed-martial artist, Genki Sudo. In this video, World Order comes to streets and monuments of Mexico, which induces a number of passersby to pause and photograph the event. Play the video