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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

Thanks to Lizzy, the level-headed chicken

How often have you been entertained by someone discussing the virtues of two-axis image stabilization?

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Look for software’s official download site

Lounge member globalist’s experience with the VLC media player began badly — twice. Because it came with so much junkware, he didn’t trust it.

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Coffee house prank is clever movie promotion

Patrons of a West Village, New York City coffee house might have experienced a sharp spike in adrenaline — not brought on by caffeine, but by unexpected telekinetic adventures secretly arranged by MGM and Screen Gems. The stunt was to promote a remake of the movie “Carrie,” due out later this month.

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Measuring the virtues of drive imaging

On a recent afternoon, Lounge member bbearren meddled with his Windows 8 registry and rendered his computer unbootable. Happily, he had a three-day-old, restorable drive image.

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Not your ordinary costume — nor costume maker

What’s more exciting than a dinosaur robot or special effects? Meet the allosaurus designed and built in Japan by Kazuya Kanemaru, president of Takumi, which primarily makes museum sets and panels.

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Multilingual spellchecker offers too much help

Lounge member elycett works for an international organization in Canada and corresponds via email in several languages. The Outlook 2013 mail program he recently began using produces spellchecking in every language it encounters in messages, which is not what elycett wants.

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New-season leaf pile delights dog and man

Some people grow melancholy in autumn, as daylight shrinks and air temperature drops. Butch, the Siberian husky in this video, has not been infected with any such malaise.

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Phone service without a landline: What’s easiest?

When Lounge member Rfarmer’s mother-in-law moves into assisted care, she’ll have Wi-Fi and cell-phone reception but no landline. Unfortunately, learning to use wireless devices previously proved too challenging for her.

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How to deal with a spider in your car

You’re going to work, so you go down the stairs to your garage. You see a very large spider. Later, you tell the story about why you were late to work that day — naturally, the spider is to blame.

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What’s roomy, safe, and cheap in cloud storage?

A Lounge member wants to know who in the cloud to trust with his and his family’s digital files. He’d like a lot of space, he wants an established company offering it, he wants uploads to move smartly — but he’s also minding his budget.

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