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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

Holiday sounds and lights in Sioux Falls

On the chance you’re not in Sioux Falls, S.D., for the holidays, you’ll surely want to check out this video of a display playing daily for the locals at the Western Mall.

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Middle Earth flies Air New Zealand

To celebrate the Hobbit, Air New Zealand has produced an epic safety video. It’s certain to surprise and entertain jetloads of tourists on their way to see the fictional and real life of a dazzling country.

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Technology to warm your heart — it works

Lounge member t8ntlikly needs to share a OneNote file with a known scatterbrain and is tired of sending and resending links that are lost and lost again.

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Zelda: Not an ordinary New York City matron

Most people acknowledge the mental toughness required for life in Manhattan, one of the most densely populated peninsulas on the planet. Zelda, who has lived in Battery Park since mid-2003, must be exceptionally resolute — and cannier than many of her kind.

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The fizzy season of festivities and fraud

Before commencing your holiday online gift-buying binge, you might want to fortify yourself with a few cautionary tales.

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Managing news in a high-tech company town

The widely covered and “immediate” departure of Steven Sinofsky, the now-former Windows chief at Microsoft, late Monday night is a big story. It’s also a story full of speculation and qualifiers such as “some say,” when the topic turns to why Sinofsky left the company.

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The art of domino toppling: A natural for video

Consider the pastime of domino toppling, in which structures rise for the specific purpose of falling apart spectacularly.

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Readers offer tips, views — and resistance

The recent release of Windows 8 received almost universal attention — the Windows Secrets newsletter and its readers included. As we expected, views on Microsoft’s most controversial OS varied widely among WS readers. Most of the letters would not please Microsoft. Here’s a small sampling of opinions.

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Holidays burden the existential mind

We at Windows Secrets were distracted from Halloween last week by the debut of Windows 8. But Henri, the Francophone cat, was concentrating on that difficult holiday, happily for us.

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Effective naming practices of scareware

How’s this for an impressive product name: “Windows 7 Antivirus Pro 2013″? Don’t buy it. It’s malware.

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