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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

Looking at MSE 4.0 in Security & Backups

Several people tried out Microsoft Security Essentials 4.0 and reported their findings in the Security & Backups forum. It’s now shipping and the reviews are positive, despite some quibbles.

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Henri’s existential ennui continues

Perhaps you were unaware that a handsome but disaffected French intellectual named Henri has been speaking his piece on the Internet. Henri will tell you he’s surrounded by morons. But that’s no reason to avoid his company — au contraire.

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Cross-discipline style confusion wrecks format

An editor who posted a manuscript to a website discovered that the paragraph formatting had been converted to a “Normal” she didn’t like. So she asked the Lounge members in the Word Processing forum how to reverse the look of the manuscript, simply, to what it used to be.

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No heart attacks happened on camera

New crews of jokesters and wags have taken up the task memorably performed by “Candid Camera” — recording the reactions of innocent bystanders to enactments of public pranks.

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Readers write about serious troubles

Windows Secrets readers — prompted by recent articles about Internet scams, Windows updates, and slow-moving computers — offer stories and suggestions of their own.

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Well-choreographed mayhem in a town square

Who wouldn’t want drama served up only when you asked for it? And if it were well-executed, fast, stylish, and, in the end, funny, what more could you ask for on a quiet day in a calm country?

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Glamorous Vancouver, B.C., can take a joke

We at Windows Secrets live in Seattle, which is practically next door to one of the most beautiful cities on the planet — Vancouver, British Columbia. But we think very highly of our city, too, which might explain why we’re eager to spread less-flattering (but true, of course) facts about Vancouver. Some of these you’ll find in this week’s video.

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‘Tell your beloved to uninstall his adapter’

As with sniffles and bad moods in a family, if one householder has computer trouble, most likely it will spread one way or another to her relatives. Lounge member sylviesinc thought IE 9 was responsible for failed connections to websites when she checked in to the Internet Explorer forum for assistance. Soon, she was benchmarking DNS servers — and soon after that, her computer was working fine again.

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Stand back: performance packs a jolt

What happens when a couple of electrical-engineering students ponder music? If they’re Eric Goodchild and Steven Caton, they build a couple of giant Tesla coils to serve as their own private rock stars.

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Manage mail — and life, too — in Outlook

You might be among the millions who can’t live without e-mail — or your Outlook calendar. But whether you’re in charge of your tools or they’re in charge of you is an open question.

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