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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

Seal pup works hard at relaxing on surfboard

A young seal can see it’s possible to balance on a surfboard — after all, at various moments two or three seals are already up there.

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What’s better than an external hard drive?

Lounge member moon1130 needs a big external hard drive and came to the Lounge for recommendations.

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Old dance steps meet new(er) mambo music!

Laurel and Hardy never danced to Santana’s version of “Oye Como Va” in their movies — nor in their lifetimes, given that Santana produced its rendition of the song five years after Stan Laurel died. But thanks to skillful editing, we can imagine how the two comedians would have danced to “Oye Como Va” on the set of “Way Out West.”

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Malware hitches a ride home on a thumb drive

Lounge member WindowsWasher took some files to be printed at a local UPS store and brought back four Trojans from the store on his thumb drive.

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Bringing Richard Parker to the screen

In real and fictional histories of shipwrecks, the name “Richard Parker” figures recurrently. The writer Yann Martel paid homage to the history when he gave that name to his Life of Pi character, the Bengal tiger.

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Read specs, say the experts — even to one another

When a Lounge member saw a deal on a desktop computer at a well-known supplier, he was happy. When he got his computer home, he was a great deal less happy.

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Admirable companions: Two dogs dining

Nono and Sia are uncommonly patient. Although their drinks never appeared, they made no scenes — at least not the sort of commotion a more entitled couple might.

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Lounge members discuss costs of upgrade

When an enthusiastic early adopter pauses to ponder whether he really ought to add Office 2013 to his collection of new toys, he brings his question to the Lounge. Wherein a discussion of licensing terms, business- and home-use subscription models, and the good sense of keeping an older Office ensues.

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Russian crash-cams catch crashing meteor

The world was thunderstruck last week by images of the meteor that had streaked across the Russian sky, blasting windows, injuring or startling bystanders with flying glass, bricks, tea, and pots of flowers — and generally shattering Russians’ usually steely nerves.

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Call it unreliable: your precious hard drive

“I think my HDD is going bad,” says Lounge member Look — which isn’t nearly as grim a statement as “I think my HDD is dead!” It pays to watch, not wait, for failure of your hard drives because you remain vigilant about backing up your data.

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