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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

Fortunate exchange between Scotland and Earth

Lounge member Tinto Tech of Scotland, puzzled by the behavior of a telnet client, posted details of his perplexing problem in the Networking forum. Paul T, who lists his residence as Earth, solved Tinto Tech’s problem — illustrating almost by the way that geographical location is no impediment to clearing up digital difficulties and human errors.

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Wily dog takes over the beautiful game

Nowhere is speed and cunning play valued more greatly than in soccer. So when a dog took to the field in the middle of a game and cheerfully eluded all potential capturers, the fans were not annoyed.

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Facebook really ought to have a manual

One way to explore a technology is to read the how-to books about it. That’s precisely what forum member DavidToronto wants for his examination of Facebook — “a thorough, intelligently organized, up-to-date online manual.”

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Making happy history of the Cold War

Now, here’s a cult to admire: a Finnish rock-and-roll band, the Leningrad Cowboys, with a penchant for performing with choirs. Notable among the band’s collaborators is the official choir of the Russian army forces.

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Mixed media for e-mail? All advise against it

Imagine receiving an e-mail with a five-second audio clip that plays automatically when you open the message. An attractive idea? Does it depend on what those five seconds sound like? Lounge member RobG floated the audio-clip idea this week on behalf of a friend, who wants to add one to her e-mail signature — believing it will be a positive change.

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A few simple experiments — just for fun

All experiments are meant to be reproduced. Usually this happens in a sophisticated lab with highly qualified technicians and scientists.

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When you think your trouble is a software virus

You might be heavy-hearted this week if you, like Lounge member Dougie, were listing the interesting but discouraging symptoms exhibited by a crippled PC. Dougie hopes that fellow Loungers in the Security & Backups forum can help him avoid a clean install of the machine to return it to a healthy state. He might be in luck — suggestions posted so far sound promising.

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Windows Secrets Lounge information is free

A new visitor to the Lounge recently was shocked to read he’d be charged U.S. $38.00 to post his question. Wrong! said regular posters, the forum administrator, and the Lounge administrator — immediately and almost in unison. No one has to pay anything to post a question or receive an answer in the Lounge.

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Hazel has had a long, long day at the dog show

Hazel brings to mind the sociable young child who can’t bear to go to bed after a long, busy day — no matter how sleepy she is.

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Some questions are easier to ask than answer

You might think it a stretch to classify a question about an icon as bordering on philosophical. But some discussions seem to go that way. When Lounge member NealNYC posted a photo of a screen icon he couldn’t identify, he probably hoped for swift enlightenment.

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