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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

Three inanimate dancers: kite choreography

Ray Bethell is a world-champion, professional kite flyer from Vancouver, British Columbia. He has managed stacks of kites in the air — as many as 39 at a time.

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Managing your e-mail by understanding it

After Lounge member MauryS migrated an Outlook 2003 mail account to Outlook 2010, he found that the mail folders weren’t stored as he expected. He asked for a refresher course on POP and IMAP.

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Do Microsoft warning popups really protect you?

Lounge member StickBoy is irked by Windows 7 popups that pause the action when he tries to open files. His exasperation sets off a discussion in the Windows 7 forum regarding the various pros and cons of warning messages.

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Surrealism revisited: Super Mario Brothers

Here’s an idea: let’s look in on a Web series hosted by PBS Idea Channel’s Mike Rugnetta, who likes to talk about the intersection of modern technology and art.

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Tech-savvy magician is an artful, honest liar

Magician Marco Tempest used an application he wrote to synchronize videos across the screens of multiple iPods — which he collected from audience members just before showtime — for a TED talk last summer.

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Not joking: Keep laptop off your lap

Lounge member brencoz first thought he had a wireless mouse problem, then a USB-hub driver problem. He was mystified — his laptop functioned only intermittently, for no apparent reason.

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Trading privacy for really great tools?

When you acquire a new device such as a smartphone, it can force a range of other upgrades on you.

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Henri observes the rituals of le vet

Since the last time we saw Henri, he’s learned he’s famous on the Internet. But for what? He’s suspicious. His French is mocked — but why? It’s “purrfect,” he tells us, in subtly ironic French, of course, with English subtitles.

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Questions and more questions when HD fails

When Lounge member IreneLinda’s external hard drive mysteriously began to drop out of action and then back in again, she wrote to the Lounge for advice about diagnostic tools. In due time, she wrote again, asking for recommendations for new external hard drives. The way of all flesh is a rule of digital life, too. More.

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Theatrically decorous all day long

Not all clowns are boisterous.

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