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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

Hello, World: Windows 8 shows its face

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview has been keeping a lot of people busy lately, including those of us at Windows Secrets. We’ve added a forum for Windows 8 in the Lounge, where you can see that a lively conversation has begun.

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Know thyself: applies to your hard drive, too

Nothing works better than a nearly full hard drive to stimulate a fit of cleaning. But wait — what exactly are those hundreds of security-licensing-slc-component-sku- … files taking up so much valuable space?

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At the Oscars: Not everyone loves a clown

Accompanied by two tall, khaki-clad young women, Sacha Baron Cohen came to the Oscars Sunday in a pink-and-gold dictator’s ensemble and black Kmart socks. He was carrying an urn containing ashes.

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All that jazz in NOLA — in case you missed it

If you forgot to festoon yourself in feathers and beads, failed to put on your mask and pick up your bassoon, and (furthermore) forbore to shimmy on down to the riverside, the folks in this video did it all for you — at Mardi Gras this week, down in New Orleans.

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Ribbon creep or Ribbon triumph: Which is it?

From its introduction in 2007, the Office Ribbon has had its vigorous detractors, tepid supporters, and rare champions. But with each iteration of Office and Windows, the Ribbon survives and spreads.

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E-mail power user makes a Win8 mail-client wish

Many people organize their work and lives in e-mail folders. Lounge member kelliann1’s system is particularly robust. She wants to see an Outlook Express/Windows Mail client in Windows 8. So she asks other Loungers in the Non-Outlook E-mail forum whether they’ve heard any pleasing rumors about a Windows 8 mail client.

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Readers talk back to Windows Secrets

As noted in this week’s Introduction, Windows Secrets is launching a Letters column — reader e-mails that we think are especially interesting. Leading off this new column is a critical view of Microsoft’s Office Ribbon interface, discussed in a Woody Leonhard article.

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Why would you change your default calendar?

If you carry a smartphone or other portable device, it’s likely you want your calendar to have the same data on it, no matter where you are. Lounge member t8ntlikly posted a query asking how to make his Windows Live calendar the default calendar in Outlook — just so he could keep Outlook and his Windows phone synchronized.

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Fiery Celtic dancing by Dutch horse in the U.S.

Peaceful multiculturalism is alive and dancing in a California dressage circle.

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Culturally relevant rugby in the South Pacific

If you’ve ever seen a haka, you know it’s not the hula. In this video, two rugby teams, the New Zealand All Blacks and the Samoan Sevens, prepare for play by first preparing for war.

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