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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

Nothing lost in translation after all

This week, a Quicken user in Cornwall ran into frustration trying to restore his Quicken 2004 files after a brief, unsatisfactory experiment with Quicken 2010.

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Trying to make friends at Costco using song

Comedian Ellen DeGeneres sent one of her writers to Costco with an unusual assignment — to make friends with shoppers (on hidden camera). But to make the mission considerably more difficult, Amy could address new acquaintances only with song lyrics.

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Not your ordinary road hazards in Scandanavia

If you sometimes find yourself irked by your commute to work, microblogger Stevan Svartling has chronicled a mythic Monday morning ride of his own to help you keep yours in perspective.

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FTC takes on telephone scareware scammers

Thanks to six lawsuits filed last week by the FTC, there should be fewer bogus tech-support calls for a while.

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Hard news from Pippa the weathergirl

Whatever your opinion about global warming, it’s a topic as ripe for satire as it is for serious discussion.

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Does Microsoft have an ‘official’ Facebook page?

Many businesses, including Microsoft, maintain Facebook pages. As it happens, numerous business units within Microsoft maintain Facebook pages, user-friendly and familiar, now that millions of people know how to “Like” a page and post comments on it.

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The decline of the PC, measured in DRAM

Blogger Arik Hesseldahl noted in an All Things D post that in the second quarter of 2012, PCs consumed only 49 percent of all DRAM memory chips produced. He took this as signifying the beginning of the end of the PC era.

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Maybe a bit too much miniature craftsmanship?

If you’re a model-train enthusiast, perhaps you know about the miniature world that Hamburg, Germany, has captured and placed on display in its warehouse district.

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Can you come back from a bad website unscathed?

When Lounge member WindowWasher found himself redirected to a site he’d not intended to visit, he backed out of it. He then wondered how to prudently assess the real danger of sites such as the one he’d just visited.

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‘Computer frustration’ is a video genre

When I’m having a miserable episode of computer life, I find it comforting to hear about bad days in other people’s computer lives. It’s not just that misery loves company. It’s also that fellow sufferers have survived to tell the tale.

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