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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

Ducks take on all comers — friend or foe

If you haven’t thought about the essential nature of ducks lately, it might be a good way to begin the year.

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Do you mix and match your scanner software?

Possibly you like your image scanner’s hardware just fine.

But you have nothing but criticism for the software that comes with it. What can you do about that?

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Airport voice speaks to you kindly — from Maine

In any of 200 airports around the world — or subway stops or train stations — you might think you recognize that voice announcing “the next uptown train ” or declaring, “the flight will be delayed.” And you’d probably be right: the voice you hear in a transit lounge far away from home most likely belongs to a cheerful woman who lives in a village in northern Maine.

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Among the browsers: Firefox endangered

In the wild landscape, foxes stay alert not only for their own next
meals but also to avoid becoming a morsel for a bigger set of teeth.

In the tech landscape, Firefox might be endangered because it failed to
follow either of those imperatives — according to growing number of blog
and press reports. You can see one posted by Lounge member Roderunner.

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Against SPAM: Retaliation considered

Even if you sensibly use an excellent spam filter and seldom get junk e-mail, can you make a case for offensive action against spammers? Lounge member E Pericoloso Sporgersi puts this question to his fellow Loungers, and discussion ensues.

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Turkeys in pursuit of state troopers

In the U.S., roast turkey has pride of place on millions of well-laden Thanksgiving tables. And while we’re on the way to the feast, few of us expect to see our dinner strutting wild along the roadside.

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Riddle: When is a computer preoccupied?

Lounge member sellewe73 has had Windows 7 installed on his machine for only the past three months. He also has a 1TB hard drive and 4GB of RAM. But he’s recently perplexed by the discovery that his capacious hard drive is almost full — and he’s darned sure he didn’t fill it up.

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Wily dog takes over the beautiful game

Nowhere is speed and cunning play valued more greatly than in soccer. So when a dog took to the field in the middle of a game and cheerfully eluded all potential capturers, the fans were not annoyed.

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Fortunate exchange between Scotland and Earth

Lounge member Tinto Tech of Scotland, puzzled by the behavior of a telnet client, posted details of his perplexing problem in the Networking forum. Paul T, who lists his residence as Earth, solved Tinto Tech’s problem — illustrating almost by the way that geographical location is no impediment to clearing up digital difficulties and human errors.

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Facebook really ought to have a manual

One way to explore a technology is to read the how-to books about it. That’s precisely what forum member DavidToronto wants for his examination of Facebook — “a thorough, intelligently organized, up-to-date online manual.”

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