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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

Fine points of software purchasing mastered here

Not only do Lounge members know how to fix their machines, they know the best ways to get their gear.

That means they can advise on the arcana of license agreements and any other variables of purchases — including freeware alternatives. So when Lounge member Ron M came asking about OneNote for multiple machines, he got a survey of the possibilities in short order.

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Yikes! My software hates my hardware!

When a Lounge member installed SP1, his Windows 7 stopped talking to his monitor.

WSG appealed to his fellow Lounge members for assistance — and they responded with advice.

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Discovering the culprit is preferred

A recent spate of Windows updates seems to be implicated in a lost Internet connection for one Lounge member.

On advice from other forum members, Tigerlily39 is rolling back her Windows XP machine, one update at a time.

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Special Patch Watch update issue

As all long-time subscribers to Windows Secrets know, we typically do not publish on any fifth Thursday of the month.

Because of a quirk in our publishing schedule, it happens that the second Patch Watch of the month falls on this off week. We know how important news of the latest security patches are to all of you, so rather than putting off Patch Watch for another week, we are sending all subscribers this special update issue.

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Internet connection: frustration of the week

Failure to connect with the Internet wasn’t the only problem Lounge members had this week, but it showed up several times — each instance different from the others.

Lounge member jshollis, for example, can’t figure out why his Internet connection intermittently stops working. Despite his orderly series of tests and scans, the reason eludes him. He reboots, and all is well — until the connection disappears again.

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Alleged stockbroker ruins investor’s week

A phishing victim’s pain persists as he cleans up his PC after a bad encounter with an e-mail that turned out to be from a thief, not his stockbroker.

As Lounge member georgelee discovers, the hazards and headaches multiply after you bite on a phishing lure.

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Tourists not welcome to her wireless connection

We love freedom of movement — for ourselves — from machine to machine in our wireless networks.

But we ought to be concerned, as forum member PossumGirl is, about the security of our systems.

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Young hacker thwarts Parental Controls — how?

The careful parent needs to be tech-savvy.

Lounge member John S0603 is the wary parent of a clever child, who can get around Windows XP Parental Controls, change file and folder ownership, and delete or disable Norton Internet Security. He wants to know how she did it so that he can block future hacking adventures on the family machine.

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An imponderable, maybe, in the Lounge

Why did an Access query produce a different sort order?

One test of a good forum discussion is the solution of a problem brought to it. Another test might rest in general illumination.

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Shakespearean question for us: what’s in a name?

Whether you’re naming your baby, your play, or your domain, you contend with associations.

Lounge member Lounger1000 might have thought he was asking purely practical questions when he broached the topic of his personal .com e-mail address, but forum members immediately picked up nuances to discuss.

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