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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

Loungers consider new Google privacy policy

Users of Google’s various services are previewing the revised privacy policy going into effect March 1. The terms of Google’s new policy have provoked discussion in the Lounge’s Social Media forum. How much personal information must we surrender to allow desired services to function?

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Waltz of the crashes in snowy Seattle

Once again, we have positive proof — most of Seattle’s inhabitants simply can’t drive in snow.

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Do e-readers need antivirus protection?

A recent purchaser of a Kindle Fire assumed she needed AV software for it. But her mother isn’t so sure about that. Are e-readers vulnerable to malware? Lounge member Author Miss Mae brings the question to the Other Applications forum and hears about a surprising range of additions that other Lounge members have made to their Kindles and Nooks.

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Tablet users curious about smartphone apps

Windows Secrets reader Repainter saw last week’s Top Story on smartphone apps and wondered whether he could use those same apps on his tablet. He took his question to the Lounge, where he was encouraged to give them a try.

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Imagining the secret life of books, after hours

Books represent the ultimate distillation of the life of the mind. But what if books had a life of their own?

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Continuing ed: VBA programmers like books

Longtime programmers accustomed to one conceptual model for writing code can have difficulty embracing different models.

That’s why Lounge member Dick-Y asked for recommendations for books about VBA object-oriented programming. He’s a COBOL, “verb-oriented” programmer.

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Ducks take on all comers — friend or foe

If you haven’t thought about the essential nature of ducks lately, it might be a good way to begin the year.

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Malware removal: Learning the hard way

If your good judgment fails in a fit of holiday exuberance and you end up with malware on your computer, keep the Security & Backups forum in mind. Currently, fellow Lounge members are helping Tiger4 get out of a complete jam.

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Do you mix and match your scanner software?

Possibly you like your image scanner’s hardware just fine.

But you have nothing but criticism for the software that comes with it. What can you do about that?

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Airport voice speaks to you kindly — from Maine

In any of 200 airports around the world — or subway stops or train stations — you might think you recognize that voice announcing “the next uptown train ” or declaring, “the flight will be delayed.” And you’d probably be right: the voice you hear in a transit lounge far away from home most likely belongs to a cheerful woman who lives in a village in northern Maine.

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