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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

Making happy history of the Cold War

Now, here’s a cult to admire: a Finnish rock-and-roll band, the Leningrad Cowboys, with a penchant for performing with choirs. Notable among the band’s collaborators is the official choir of the Russian army forces.

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Mixed media for e-mail? All advise against it

Imagine receiving an e-mail with a five-second audio clip that plays automatically when you open the message. An attractive idea? Does it depend on what those five seconds sound like? Lounge member RobG floated the audio-clip idea this week on behalf of a friend, who wants to add one to her e-mail signature — believing it will be a positive change.

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When you think your trouble is a software virus

You might be heavy-hearted this week if you, like Lounge member Dougie, were listing the interesting but discouraging symptoms exhibited by a crippled PC. Dougie hopes that fellow Loungers in the Security & Backups forum can help him avoid a clean install of the machine to return it to a healthy state. He might be in luck — suggestions posted so far sound promising.

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A few simple experiments — just for fun

All experiments are meant to be reproduced. Usually this happens in a sophisticated lab with highly qualified technicians and scientists.

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Windows Secrets Lounge information is free

A new visitor to the Lounge recently was shocked to read he’d be charged U.S. $38.00 to post his question. Wrong! said regular posters, the forum administrator, and the Lounge administrator — immediately and almost in unison. No one has to pay anything to post a question or receive an answer in the Lounge.

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Hazel has had a long, long day at the dog show

Hazel brings to mind the sociable young child who can’t bear to go to bed after a long, busy day — no matter how sleepy she is.

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Some questions are easier to ask than answer

You might think it a stretch to classify a question about an icon as bordering on philosophical. But some discussions seem to go that way. When Lounge member NealNYC posted a photo of a screen icon he couldn’t identify, he probably hoped for swift enlightenment.

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Considering Windows Vista in context

When a new Lounger asks whether Windows Vista is better than Windows XP Professional, a lengthy discussion ensues. The conversation is every bit as analytical as you might think but also calmer than you might expect, given Vista’s denigrated history.

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Even French cattle have a fondness for jazz

It’s common knowledge that the French like Jerry Lewis and jazz. Now there’s proof that French cows share that taste in music. A Utah-based jazz band stopped to entertain a bovine audience in Autrans, France — and caught the attention of the entire herd.

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Etiquette lesson for the computer age

In any office these days, no tool is likely to be more important than a computer — well, maybe the coffeemaker. So when your PC breaks and must go out for repair, most people understand when you need to borrow time on someone else’s system.

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