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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

Digital sublimity: Typewriting the iPad

If you haven’t been dumbstruck with wonder lately by what someone will come up with next, here’s a cute little proof of concept: an iTypewriter.

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Java: Conduit for new zero-day attack

In the Security & Backups forum this week, moderator Tinto Tech provides links to reports of a zero-day attack that uses Java to gain entry to machines.

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An argument for best use of credit cards

Most people don’t have enough plastic in their wallets to equip a band the way this band does: every one of its instruments incorporates a credit card (or quite a few of them) as material.

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Do graphics tricks without Photoshop

When members of a high-school class reunited this summer to celebrate their long-ago graduation, they asked one of their classmates to get their senior-year annual online. Lounge member t8ntlikly ran into perplexity reproducing captions and photos that spanned spreads.

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Facebook is almost everywhere: you might be, too

This month, all Windows Secrets subscribers can download Chapter 13: “Playing It Safe: Facebook Privacy.”

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Artists with paint cans strive for glory, too

Athletes from everywhere weren’t the only competitors who got on planes and flew to London this summer. So did a few graffiti artists from Zurich, Switzerland.

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New malware claims it’s the FBI, shuts you down

A post by RetiredGeek in the Security & Backups forum alerts computer users to a report of a new scam claiming the FBI has shut down your machine.

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World Order shows us “Machine Civilization”

World Order is a band and dance troupe formed by the retired Japanese mixed-martial artist, Genki Sudo. In this video, World Order comes to streets and monuments of Mexico, which induces a number of passersby to pause and photograph the event. Play the video

Windows Secrets readers share their findings

Many Windows Secrets readers are seasoned systems builders, sophisticated tool users, metaphor makers, and generous souls. We often receive thoughtful letters from these readers. Here’s some of the more interesting mail that’s recently arrived in our inbox.

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He is a walrus of distinction and flair

E.T. might look a little alien up close, but he’s a walrus who talks. He might even be able to say, after some thought, “goo goo g’joob” (quoting from the Beatles’ song lyrics). Or maybe not.

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