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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

What the mouse did and why it did it

But before consigning an errant mouse to a decent burial, Lounge member cmptrgy wanted to be sure it was dead, and not merely answering to careless, unintended reconfiguring inflicted by its owner.

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Extreme testing of a well-made machine

When fireworks go up in the air and explode, they’re supposed to do that spectacularly. When a washing machine runs, it’s supposed to do so quietly and competently for 30 or so years. No messes.

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Let’s talk about worrisome discoveries

Lounge members are discussing the Bash/Shellshock threat with a good measure of anxiety.

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Fall from sky, meet scary pig, tell the tale

A camera falls from the sky and lands in a pig pen. Thanks to the farmer who found the camera eight months after it landed, we can see the camera’s adventure.

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Stubbornness wins when restoring iOS 7

IndyDan ran into iPad resistance when he tried to roll back his wife’s tablet from iOS 8 to iOS 7. She wanted her apps to work again, the way they had before.

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The best surprises are secretly rehearsed

Flash mobs are some of the happiest interruptions in this video age. In a plaza full of shoppers, townspeople, and lunchers, music and dancing suddenly materialize and reorganize space.

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iPhone photos to PC in two languages

When Lounge member Treiber posted his question about moving photos from his phone to his PC, he wrote in French. Happily, he received an answer in his own language, plus a short guide to translation tools on the Internet.

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Will the Scots ever be truly understood?

The Scotsmen in this video have a modest ambition: they want to get to a building’s 11th floor via an elevator equipped with voice-recognition technology.

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Mysteries never cease: “Magic” fixes

Forum member Oldtechie was mystified by the divergent behavior of Yahoo Mail in IE 11 on two different machines — one a desktop and the other a laptop.

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Technology advances: How to read a bookbook

Just so you know, Windows Secrets is not endorsing Ikea products — other than one of its ads, a delicious parody of an Apple-style advertising campaign.

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