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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

Workaround fixing and miraculous fixing

Lounge member MarkARay has a File History problem: it stopped working. So he wrote to the Windows 8 forum for help. Among the responses from fellow forum members, MarkARay discovered a workaround.

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Contrary to popular belief times 10

So much common wisdom is common nonsense. Happily, a debunker comes along from time to time to help us clear our mental cobwebs.

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How to keep pieces of the Web for later

Lounge member Olleym had been accustomed to copying into a Word doc the parts of webpages he wanted to read later. But technological times have changed; many sites don’t allow that anymore.

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Because of how you look: Through Google Glass

When Jason Jones of the Daily Show reviewed Google Glass recently, he interviewed six Glass Explorers (the official term for Google Glass early adopters). It would be fairer to say he mocked them to their Glass-bedecked faces, from start of the segment to the end of it.

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Help offered you might not yet know you need

Lounge member Protopia recently analyzed the difficulties he’d experienced with DNS lookup errors as he browsed the Web. And then he set out his findings and solutions in an admirably clear step-by-step procedure in the General Windows forum.

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The cruelest months, according to Henri

From time to time, we revisit Henri, the feline philosopher, to hear what’s been annoying him lately. He’s no fonder of the White Imbecile than he’s ever been, but this spring Henri finds his housemate’s catnip-fiend existence tragic.

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New home, new connections to Internet

After moving to Central America with five computers, new Lounge member sheila_c needed help getting connected to the Internet again. She wanted tutoring in wireless technology, never having used it before.

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Little box works at purposelessness

Someone went to a lot of trouble to build a handsome little wooden box — with no utility whatsoever. Which isn’t to say it doesn’t do anything. It has mechanical innards that enable it to beep, sing, mutter, turn itself about, raise its lid, turn itself off — repeatedly — and, finally, raise a white flag. Why, why, why? you might ask.

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Favorite software of the image-editing crowd

Lounge member jsachs177 knows exactly what he hopes to find in an image-editing program. So he made a list of his wishes and posted it in the Graphics/Multimedia forum. Happily, fellow Loungers provided helpful — and well-reasoned — recommendations.

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Artful walking and other choreographed endeavors

It seems the only limit to new competitive events is the human imagination. The surreal sport of precision walking begins this week’s Wacky video. But why stop to contemplate just highly stylized walking when there’s room in a video camera’s memory card for coordinated demonstrations of cheerleading and martial arts?

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