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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

‘Local’ important concept in formatting

When Lounge member moon1130 tried to apply a theme to his Word 2010 document, nothing happened. He asked for help in the Word Processing forum — and soon enlarged his understanding of local font and paragraph formatting.

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A dangerous proximity to curious bears

Wildlife photographers love their cameras, even — or maybe especially — their robot cameras. Photographers’ subjects can also develop an interest in cameras — polar bears, in this instance.

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A clear preference for the next Microsoft chief?

In the Puget Sound region, Microsoft is a frequent topic of conversation. Especially these days, with the question of who will replace Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

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When ad-blocking tool blocks good popups

Lounge member ldb discovered recently that not all popups are vehicles for ads and viruses.

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Play is still serious for the working dog

When left to their own devices, border collies have no difficulty finding amusements well suited to their considerable talents.

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The increasing importance of backups

Lounge member cmptrgy is so impressed by the current crop of seriously damaging malware, including ransomware such as CryptoLocker, he proposed a master plan against them. Other forum members weighed in; drive imaging is much approved.

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First Thanksgiving reimagined by Wednesday

The character Wednesday Addams, of “Addams Family Values,” manages to wreak havoc on at least two institutions: summer camp and Thanksgiving. In this video, she revises American history, starting with a redo of the first Thanksgiving in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

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Websites don’t like old browsers or old settings

A Lounge member’s Win7 machine came with IE 9 installed. Why then, do several websites accuse Saki23′s browser of being outdated — and refuse to display their pages?

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Hardly anyone more cooperative than a hungry dog

Witness the evident canine interest in a Rube Goldberg contraption that leads to both food and a dog’s favorite toy — the tennis ball.

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In Windows 8.1, you don’t sign out of Skype

A Lounge member used Skype before he upgraded to Windows 8.1. After the upgrade, he was locked out of Skype.

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