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Kathleen Atkins is the Windows Secrets associate editor. She's also a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. Prior to joining Windows Secrets, she worked at Microsoft Press.

When it’s smart to lose a little money

As a Lounge member was wrapping up the upgrade of his wife’s PC from Windows Vista to Windows 8, his wife wondered whether he could restore her pre-upgrade voice-over-Internet-protocol (VoIP) apps. She wanted to keep the small credit associated with the service. He doubted he could pick out the apps from the Macrium backup image he’d made but prudently brought the question to the Other Applications forum.

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Fox makes making a living look like fun

Winter is when a fox’s flamboyant hunting tactics truly come into play. The predator might not be as analytical as a scientist in its pursuit of prey, but it turns out fox tactics are quantifiable.

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How to manage the contents of your hard drive

When a Lounge member asked for guidance about when to expand/increase his hard drive, his fellow Loungers in the General Windows forum approached the question differently than he had.

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Are you mad about the costume, pet?

If a certain canine or feline member of your household has recently eaten your socks or shredded your ficus tree, you might want to reflect on what you did to deserve it.

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When a hacker might look like a helper

Lounge member rgrosz was troubled by an email notifying him that his new address had been created. He reported the event in the Security & Scams forum.

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Automatic one-man band is a collectable

The adage about beauty being in the eye — or ear — of the beholder certainly applies to musical instruments as fully as it might to any other object. As it happens, the oddity featured in this video belongs to a category of invention both cherished and reviled since the 19th century, when a lot of them appeared.

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Considering free online backup options

A Lounge member has used up all the capacity of her current free online backup system. What to do now?

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Light show plus 10 popular 2013 Wacky videos

If your ambition were a world tour to view holiday decorations, you’d have a destination in Christchurch, New Zealand. The statistics are impressive: 300,000 lights, 7,000 man-hours to construct the display, 30,000 cable ties, and two enthusiastic humans hosting the show. After this extravaganza, you can view other videos (below) that most pleased viewers in 2013.

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‘Local’ important concept in formatting

When Lounge member moon1130 tried to apply a theme to his Word 2010 document, nothing happened. He asked for help in the Word Processing forum — and soon enlarged his understanding of local font and paragraph formatting.

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A dangerous proximity to curious bears

Wildlife photographers love their cameras, even — or maybe especially — their robot cameras. Photographers’ subjects can also develop an interest in cameras — polar bears, in this instance.

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