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Lincoln Spector writes about computers, home theater, and film and maintains two blogs: Answer Line at and His articles have appeared in CNET, InfoWorld, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and other publications.

How to transfer files from Windows to the iPad

The iPad (and other iOS devices) might be the coolest computing device, but it lacks a clear and simple way to share files with Windows PCs. Sure, an iPad contains storage and connects to your PC via USB, but it doesn’t behave like a flash drive or Android phone. Here are three tricks for moving files on and off an iPad.

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Unusual photo and video effects from Microsoft

Digital photography gives us the freedom to take hundreds of photos and videos of places and people, at very little expense — so many images, that family and friends might be blasé at best about your latest efforts. But three little-known apps from Microsoft can put some unexpected novelty back into your images.

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