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Susan Bradley is a Small Business Server and Security MVP, a title awarded by Microsoft to independent experts who do not work for the company. She's also a partner in a California CPA firm.

Patch Watch special: Windows 8.1 Update coming

This week, Microsoft is hosting thousands of software developers at its Build 2014 conference in San Francisco. At the keynote discussion, of more immediate interest is the official announcement of Windows 8.1 Update.

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Out-of-cycle security update for Flash zero-day

On Feb. 4, Adobe pushed out a critical Flash update for a zero-day threat. There are reports of attacks on systems, though it’s unclear where or on which platforms.

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Microsoft employees hacked

This news item was posted by the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing group on TechNet:

“Recent phishing attack targets select Microsoft employees”

Excuse me! You guys are running Outlook junk mail filters, cloud-based Exchange hygiene of whatever vintage, and you have smart end users — and you still got nailed?

“Recently, a select number of Microsoft employees’ social media and email accounts were subjected to targeted phishing attacks.”

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A few security lessons from the Target breach

The Target breach points out some facts of life on the Web: We’re all targets (pun intended) of cyber thieves. Fortunately, there are steps we can take to protect ourselves. Here’s how to protect yourself from the next big breach.

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