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Susan Bradley is a Small Business Server and Security MVP, a title awarded by Microsoft to independent experts who do not work for the company. She's also a partner in a California CPA firm.

Attempting to answer whether MS is snooping

Microsoft has recently released updates to Windows 7 that allow it to gather more information about our PCs. But is the company really tracking what we do on our systems? And can this data gathering be turned off?

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Sorting through the changes in Windows licensing

With consumer versions of Windows 10 offered free for the first year, many users have questions about licensing. Windows users have never “owned” the OS they paid for, but Win10 has significantly changed the rules.

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Microsoft issues the wrong Flash Player update

There have been a flurry of reports about the sudden appearance of Flash Player alerts or warnings with Internet Explorer 11 on Win8/8.1 and Win10.

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