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Register now for the 3rd Annual Nigerian E-Mail Conference

You’re sure to learn business tips aplenty at this fall’s Nigerian E-Mail
Conference, scheduled for the Abuja Sheraton Hotel (photo, left)
in Nigeria’s new capital city. The conference’s Web site describes
many valuable workshops, including “Those Pesky E-Mail Headers” and
“Grammatical Errors: What’s the Optimal Number?”
It’s all a put-on, of course, engineered the J-Walk humor blog of
prolific author John Walkenback. Guaranteed to offend all Nigerians.
My thanks to reader Maurice Fuller for helping me find this.

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You’ve gotta give ’em credit for this one

The crazy guys at ZUG (which bills itself as “the world’s only comedy site”)
have pulled off a major prank, proving that no one
at retail stores even bothers to check that the signature on a charge slip
actually matches the one on the back of the credit card. John Hargrave,
who remarks that his normal signature looks like it was written “an
unusually talented chicken,” signed his charge slips as Shakespeare, Jesus,
Porky Pig (at Disneyland), etc., and no one batted an eye. He says he’s
thinking of legally changing his name to “I Stole This Card.” But I’ll stop
right there because you really have to read this hilarious tale for yourself.

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Virtual attractiveness is more than meets the eye

Quick! Look through these photographs of healthy young men and women
and choose the one you find the most attractive.

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