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Editor in chief Tracey Capen was the executive editor of reviews at PC World magazine for 10 years, from 1995 to 2005. He was InfoWorld's managing editor of reviews from 1993 to 1995 and worked in the magazine's test center and as networking editor from 1989 to 1992. Between his stints at InfoWorld, he was senior labs editor at Corporate Computing magazine.

Changes coming to the Windows Secrets newsletter

In the Oct. 1 issue, I noted that Windows Secrets subscribers will see changes in the newsletter. Here’s what we’re working on.

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Windows Secrets celebrates Issue 500

Founded by well-known tech writers Brian Livingston and Woody Leonhard, Windows Secrets was born in 2004 with the tagline: “Everything Microsoft forgot to mention.” For over a decade, through changes in technology, upheavals at Microsoft, and the rise of the “Internet of Things,” we’ve kept that thought as our guiding principle.

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Office 2012: We never really got to know ya

This Tuesday, Microsoft released the next Office, and in many ways it parallels the release of Windows 10. Sharing is a new theme with Office 2016 but not the only one — colors return.

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Lost and found: Windows 10’s safe mode

Windows 10 might be a significant improvement over Windows 8, but it still possesses some of its predecessor’s dual personality. That’s most evident in Windows system settings, but it’s also true of some built-in troubleshooting tools.

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Two new features for Dropbox sharing

Faced with growing competition from Microsoft, Google, and others, Dropbox seems determined to be the king of file synching and sharing. This week, I took one of the new features for a spin; the other, I’m still trying to figure out.

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Running Windows 10 Insider Preview under Win10

Despite the formal release of Windows 10, the preview editions continue — now named Windows 10 Insider Preview Program. But at this time, running Win10 Preview in VirtualBox on a Win10 host requires using pre-production versions of the VM application.

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Microsoft has a busy week of Windows/IE updating

This past Tuesday saw the release of fixes for Internet Explorer, built-in Flash Player, and Windows 10. It might also surprise many Windows users that Microsoft released a new Win10 build under the Windows Insider Program.

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Doing work while doing your civic duty

It’s an abbreviated version of Field Notes this week, thanks to a jury-duty call for yours truly. Here are a few lessons learned while trying to work on Windows Secrets on government time.

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