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Editor in chief Tracey Capen was the executive editor of reviews at PC World magazine for 10 years, from 1995 to 2005. He was InfoWorld's managing editor of reviews from 1993 to 1995 and worked in the magazine's test center and as networking editor from 1989 to 1992. Between his stints at InfoWorld, he was senior labs editor at Corporate Computing magazine.

Windows Secrets takes its holiday break

There will be no Dec. 31 issue. Look for the next full Windows Secrets in your inbox on Jan. 7!

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Happy holiday to all who celebrate Thanksgiving

For many in the U.S., the last week of November is a time of travel, companionship, and a special feast. It’s also time for thinking about those things we’re thankful for. We at Windows Secrets are especially appreciative of all of you who have supported the newsletter over the years.

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UPDATE: MS pulls Version 1511 ISO

Over the weekend, Microsoft pulled a fast one: It pulled the Windows 10 Version 1511 ISO.

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Windows 10 gets its first big update

The much-anticipated fall update for Windows l0 has arrived. If you’re looking for significant changes, you’re going to be disappointed. Version 1511 is an important update, but many of the enhancements are either buried in the Settings menus or under the hood.

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Still waiting for Windows 10 Fall Update

KB 3106246 isn’t Windows 10 Version 1511; its a DVD Player fix.

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Still no formal word on the Win10 Fall Upgrade

When Windows 10 was first released back at the end of July, the recommendation was to wait for the first major update before migrating to the new OS. That big fix for Win10 is due out any day now. Plus: Google puts another nail in the Windows XP coffin — and adds another one for Vista, too.

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Changes to Win10 and OneDrive draw complaints

Two recent announcements from Microsoft have created an outcry from power Windows users. The company plans an even harder push to move current Windows 7 and 8 users onto Windows 10. And a OneDrive change provokes a user petition.

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