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Some Windows 8 differences from its predecessors are more than skin-deep. Among these are security enhancements that bolster your computing safety — especially when you’re behaving prudently.

This month, we’re especially pleased to bring you a bonus download from Windows 8 All-in-One for Dummies, written by our very own Woody Leonhard.

As a treat to all Windows Secrets subscribers, Woody and Wiley Publishing are offering free excerpts of Chapter 1: “Spies, Spams, Scams” and Chapter 2: “Fighting Viri and Scum.” You’ll learn which hazards to look out for, how to know whether your computer is infected with malware, how to protect yourself with the aid of Windows 8, and more.

To download this free excerpt, simply visit your preferences page and save any changes; a download link will appear.

Info on the printed book: United States


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Windows 8.1: Out of the box

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