Excel 2013: The Missing Manual

All application upgrades present challenges for novices and experts — especially with a product as complex as Excel.

Excel 2013 adds some new features, but it changes the way users interact with this essential and much-loved business tool.

Excel 2013: The Missing Manual, by Matthew MacDonald, introduces expert Excel users to the UI changes that permeate Office 2013 applications. It also provides all Excel users with a concise, easy-to-read reference for working with this most popular spreadsheet program.

This month, Windows Secrets subscribers can download the introduction and Chapter 1: “Creating Your First Spreadsheet.” The introduction gives a concise summary of Excel 2013′s significant new features and other important changes. Chapter 1 delves into the basics of creating a new spreadsheet and — especially helpful for experienced users migrating from Excel 2003 — discusses keyboard shortcuts and using the infamous Ribbon.

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