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Microsoft issues the wrong Flash Player update

There have been a flurry of reports about the sudden appearance of Flash Player alerts or warnings with Internet Explorer 11 on Win8/8.1 and Win10.

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Problems with Firefox synching

If you’ve been using Firefox Sync to automatically update your history, add-ons, preferences, passwords, bookmarks, etc. between your various devices, you might want to check your settings. Mozilla apparently made a change last May that has gone largely unnoticed.

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Skype kills third-party IM client support

It appears that Microsoft/Skype has dropped support for SkypeKit, the code that allows IM clients such as Trillian to connect to the Skype service.

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Heartbleed threat goes well beyond PCs and websites

According to a Wired story, the SSL flaw exploited by Heartbleed is found in many Internet-connected devices, such as routers, printers, firewalls, and more.

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Out-of-cycle update from MS for IE vulnerability

PATCH WATCH UPDATE: According to a TechNet blog post, Microsoft will release an official patch today for the widely reported IE vulnerability.

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Day 30: Windows fast and slow

I started my experiment — 30 days using a Windows 8.1 laptop/tablet hybrid (also known as a laplet) — on February 10. Today, Tuesday March 11, is the 30th day.

Tomorrow, I get to read the morning paper on my iPad — I’m looking forward to it.
I’m not so eager to return to the Windows 7-based laptop.

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Day 23: Keeping up with the news

Tuesday, March 3: It’s my 23rd day substituting a Windows 8.1 laplet (laptop/tablet hybrid) for my usual Windows 7 laptop and iPad. A week from tomorrow will be my last day of this digital experiment — I’m looking forward to that day.

One of many annoyances with using the laplet: When it comes to reading periodicals, Windows 8 currently doesn’t stand a chance against the iPad. To be fair, the problem is with the third-party apps, not the operating system itself.

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Day 16: My ASUS laplet and its troubled sleep

One thing really drives me crazy about my ASUS T100TA-C1-GR: It consumes electricity like crazy when it’s supposed to be in power-saving mode.

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Day 10: Changing the docking station

This is my tenth day (Feb. 19) using a Windows 8.1 tablet in place of both my Windows 7 laplet (laptop/tablet hybrid) and iPad. None of this would have worked without the generic docking station — a box that provides the ports needed to connect external monitors, a keyboard, mouse, speakers, and so on.

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