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Parental controls for online safety at home

It’s a new era in terms of risk on the Web: from scams to spam to predatory practices, you have more reasons than ever to be proactive about protecting your kids while they’re surfing online.

Fortunately, Windows 7 gives you a robust set of built-in parental controls.

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Keeping your business data under lock and key

If you’re looking for a data-protection silver bullet, you won’t find it here — it doesn’t exist.

Protecting your business information is a multilayered process that combines technology, human awareness, and regular reviews of your policies and practices.

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Twenty-six ways to work faster in Windows 7

The easiest operating system Microsoft has ever released, Windows 7 gives you all sorts of slick and simple ways to open folders, navigate windows on the desktop, and launch applications — so many, it’s hard to remember them all.

Here’s our compendium of tips for working faster in Win7, none of which requires downloading or installing anything. Some are new, some recycled from XP and Vista.

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