Known Issues

If NoAutoRun.reg doesn’t work, you may need space

The way word-wrapping alters line breaks in some browser windows thwarted a few of our readers’ attempts to disable AutoRun.

If you manually typed a line break where the code requires a space, and you couldn’t get the file to work, a simple change will do the trick.

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Downgrading Vista to XP is possible … maybe

Reverting a Vista PC to XP requires an installation CD for each OS and can be done only on OEM editions of Vista Business and Ultimate.

Users of Vista Home Basic and Home Premium — and anyone who used a retail version of Vista to upgrade an XP machine — must buy a copy of XP to make the switch.

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More on troubleshooting Windows network glitches

The connectivity woes Scott Spanbauer reported in his Dec. 11
Top Story
represent only a portion of the network problems Windows users are encountering.

Finding the source of a failed or intermittent Internet link can be a mystery worthy of a fictional sleuth.

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A manual approach to reinstalling .NET Framework

The Dec. 4
Top Story
in Windows Secrets described how to make sure your system has the Microsoft .NET that’s needed by various applications, but doing so sometimes requires a brute-force approach.

When it’s time to reinstall vital Windows components — or the entire operating system — you’d best have a plan in mind.

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Does the glitch in .NET patching put you at risk?

People using Windows XP Service Pack 3 may not be offered all the .NET security patches their applications require.

However, if none of your PC’s programs requires a version of .NET Framework, this problem will have no impact on your system.

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The warning signs of a PC infected with malware

Last week’s
news alert
by Woody Leonhard described the high level of sophistication behind the Sinowal/Mebroot Trojan and described tools that attempt to remove the malware.

Many readers asked for more information on symptoms they should look for if they fear for their machines’ security.

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A freebie really does streamline Windows startup

Many tools make dubious claims about boosting PC performance, but some utilities actually do trim Windows’ boot time.

One example is a free program from the person who brought us the popular Process Explorer troubleshooting tool.

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Sync your Outlook and mobile-phone contacts

Scott Dunn’s
Oct. 23
lead story, which described workarounds to help you sync Outlook contacts and calendars with an iPhone, neglected to provide detailed steps for users of BlackBerrys, Windows Mobile, and other devices.

Fortunately, the procedure to merge data with these other phones’ address books requires only the sync software that shipped with your mobile device.

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XP beats Vista? Could be the OS or poor drivers

For at least one organization, the choice is clear: you’ll get more work done in less time when you use Windows XP instead of Vista.

On the other hand, some problems you encounter while using Vista are not caused by the OS but by a third-party driver.

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