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Microsoft angers both Win10 and Win7 users

Windows 7 and Windows 10 are both hot topics in the Lounge these days. For Win10, it’s the issues with the Anniversary Update release, which, as we note in this week’s Patch Watch column, appears to have lots of teething pains. For Win7 users, it the decreasing user control over what nonsecurity updates get installed. Join the debate. The following links are this week’s most interesting Lounge threads, including several other new questions for which you might have answers: Office Applications     General Productivity Finding hidden files Word Processing

Licensing tribulations when upgrading PCs

One of the seemly never-ending confusions about Windows is licensing. Is an OEM license the same as a Retail license? How far can you upgrade hardware before the installed version of Windows is no longer authorized?

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Windows 10: Still getting to know you

Many Windows fence sitters must have finally made the jump to Windows 10 — just before the end of the free upgrade offer. But a review of new posts about Win10 issues suggests many users are still coming to terms with the new OS.

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Coping with Windows 7 and Windows 10 issues

With the deadline for the free Windows 10 upgrade rapidly approaching (July 29), there are numerous new posts about upgrade failures — and driver problems with Win10 after a “successful” upgrade.

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The ongoing problem with Win7 updating

A problem bedeviling some Windows 7 users is Windows Update’s refusal to scan for new patches. In a continuing discussion, forum members offer a bunch of tips for this annoying issue, including third-party update helpers and resetting the Windows Update service.

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Keeping track of devices on the network

A Lounge member uses Net Watcher to track who or what is on the local net. But a device listed as “private” keeps showing up, despite being blocked at the router.

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Endless searches for new Win7 updates

An ongoing issue with Windows 7 updating is generating a lot of heat from users. Microsoft has released numerous patches to end excessively long Windows Update scans for new patches — and, in some cases, WU sucking up nearly all CPU cycles.

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Cookies not fit for consumption

My Monday (June 7) Field Notes article about sites requesting permission to download cookies generated a lively discussion in the Lounge. If you’re interested in adding your point of view on online ads and whether we should pay for online content, head over to the Lounge discussion.

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Questions about new Win7 cumulative update

Microsoft has just released a major Windows 7 roll-up update, designed to make clean installs of SP1 go faster. A Lounge member asks whether others have tried the patch.

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Where is the best place to store passwords?

A Lounge member wants to transfer collected passwords from FireFox to Chrome, but the general consensus is to use a more portable, third-party password manager.

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