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Is segregating data and apps worth the effort?

The debate over splitting your data and programs into separate partitions for easier backups goes far back into hard-drive antiquity.

It was never as simple as one might have hoped in Windows XP, and based on comments in a lengthy Lounge thread, it’s no easier in Win7.

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How many firewalls running together is too many?

The firewall is one of the most fundamental components of PC security — and it’s the least understood by the average computer user.

The conventional wisdom is to never run more than one antivirus program at a time and never run multiple anti-spyware apps together — so why do we routinely rely on both hardware and software firewalls?

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A snapshot of what’s hot on the WS Lounge

Regular Windows Secrets readers will note that Lounge Life has a new and expanded design.

Our new table of Windows Secrets Lounge links highlights some of the most interesting — and wide-ranging — topics under discussion.

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Partitioning’s ongoing role in Windows security

The strategies and opinions about dividing a hard drive into multiple partitions are almost as old as the PC itself.

PC technology has changed radically in the past few years, but there are still good reasons to divide up drives into separate compartments — as the following post makes clear.

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Formatting in Word results in major headaches

We’ve all been there — everything looks great in Word Print Preview, but when the final document comes out, it’s wasted paper.

When you’re ready to chuck Microsoft’s ubiquitous document app for something else, the many Word jockeys on the Windows Secrets Lounge are an excellent resource.

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Moving to Windows 7 can be a rough transition

File management in Win7 is just different enough from XP’s that even simple tasks can seem non-intuitive.

Using posts in the Lounge and how-to stories in Windows Secrets should make the switch less painful.

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Winning the battle against obscure malware

Sometimes the most difficult part of keeping your PC clean is knowing what’s malware — and what’s not.

When you need help identifying suspicious files, expert users on the Lounge make an excellent resource.

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Running a virtual XP machine in Windows 7

The Windows Secrets Lounge goes well beyond just solving problems.

In the first post listed below, JoeP reports that Win7′s Windows Virtual PC mode no longer requires hardware virtualization, and he provides the links for applying this useful tip.

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The wisdom of running under Windows admin mode

Windows users are looking for every trick to prevent malware attacks on their PCs.

One question that frequently arises is when, and when not, to run with user administrator rights enabled. The tradeoff is convenience versus security.

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Loungers help move old data to a new disk

Technology can be great, but when you’re trying to upgrade a PC, incompatible hardware can be a pain.

Moving data from an older drive to a newer one gave members of the Windows Secrets Lounge an opportunity to provide helpful information, as shown in the first of the following most-active threads this week:

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