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Young hacker thwarts Parental Controls — how?

The careful parent needs to be tech-savvy.

Lounge member John S0603 is the wary parent of a clever child, who can get around Windows XP Parental Controls, change file and folder ownership, and delete or disable Norton Internet Security. He wants to know how she did it so that he can block future hacking adventures on the family machine.

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An imponderable, maybe, in the Lounge

Why did an Access query produce a different sort order?

One test of a good forum discussion is the solution of a problem brought to it. Another test might rest in general illumination.

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Shakespearean question for us: what’s in a name?

Whether you’re naming your baby, your play, or your domain, you contend with associations.

Lounge member Lounger1000 might have thought he was asking purely practical questions when he broached the topic of his personal .com e-mail address, but forum members immediately picked up nuances to discuss.

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When Word and Windows stop talking

You can lose some cooperation between Word and Windows — and other conveniences, too — if you overzealously remove files from your computer or use the wrong cleaning product.

Lounge member hmbterry reports that he “used one of those cleaner programs” and lost his list of pinned and recent documents that used to be available to him through the Windows 7 Start menu. He wants his very useful list back.

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Dark view of keyloggers in the Lounge

The practice of keystroke logging comes under scrutiny at Windows Secrets this week.

Jan Bultmann’s Best Practices column, “Companies track Web use — and keystrokes,” notes how some employers use keylogging for monitoring employee behavior on company-owned machines. And the topic comes up again in the Lounge — for use at home.

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The perplexing powers of the IT administrator

These days, many companies make agreements with their employees regarding the business and personal use of mobile devices.

When the employee owns the smartphone and takes it with her when she quits, is the company within its rights to wipe the data on the mobile device remotely? After all, some of that data belongs to the company.

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The Chimera has other names: ask network admins

The mythical fire-breathing Chimera looked to the Greeks like a lion-goat with a serpent’s tail, but who’s to say she doesn’t look like a networked system today?

Lounge member axiomatica brought a year-old Windows 7 networking mystery into clearer focus this week after investigating a Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface problem he’d had for a while. He got a helpful clue from Woody Leonhard in last week’s Top Story, “Caution: Bumps in the road to IPv6.” He learned there’s a connection between Teredo Tunneling and IPv6.

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Absence makes the heart grow anxious

Forum members have some pressing needs this week, and they know what to ask for.

They need training, tutorials, macros, status bars, and the return of missing e-mail messages.

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Slow is not always steady or winning

This week, more than one forum member expresses concerns about slow progress of tasks in Windows 7.

Forum member Real Woodworm thought at first that one payroll application was dragging down his network of Windows 7 machines, but he found the problem occurring with Excel and Word as well.

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