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Perplexing print-preview problems with browsers

Reviewing Web documents with print preview can be deceiving.

Often, what looks fine in the preview emerges from the printer as a disjointed and difficult-to-read mess — if anything emerges at all.

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Dead language becomes dated placeholder

Although placeholder text has been used in word processing for decades, it’s rarely the subject of scrutiny.

Lorem ipsum is the Latin-derived placeholder text used by graphic designers and layout specialists. But in this age of sophisticated digital-document product, is it time for an updated version?

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Keep your computer cool in the summer heat

It’s the peak of summer, and staying cool isn’t just a question of comfort: it can mean survival.

In homes and offices without air conditioning, that fact can be just as pertinent to personal computers as it is to us.

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Audio conversion project stopped by Win7 upgrade

Microsoft has done a reasonably good job of making the Windows XP-to-Win7 upgrade process as painless as possible.

But as with most operating system changes, it’s the legacy drivers for audio and video that cause the most problems.

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At some point, you just have to move on

When I say it’s time to move on, I’m not talking to the millions of PC users who continue to use Windows XP and refuse, for now, to upgrade to Windows 7.

No, I’m talking to those procrastinators who cling to Windows XP SP2 in spite of Microsoft’s July 13 support cutoff date.

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What’s the best choice for a novice Linux user?

It’s unlikely that Linux will ever be on every desktop PC, but there’s a growing and dedicated corps of PC users that find it far more than a curiosity.

Linux use ranges from simple desktop terminals to super computers, and advocates point to its flexibility and open-source coding as just some of the reasons it makes a superior development platform.

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Unresponsive USB drivers stump Lounge member

Every PC user knows how useful USB flash drives are: from importing pictures from a camera to making portable backups, their uses are endless.

When a flash drive suddenly stops working, the question arises: is it the drive or the PC that’s failed?

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Thumbs-up scores spotlight interesting posts

One week ago, we launched a new thumbs-up rating system in the Windows Secrets Lounge as a way for Lounge members to highlight particularly useful posts.

Seven days later, the thumbs-up scores are starting to roll in. Over 90 posts have received a thumbs-up so far, with more coming daily.

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Looking for input on safe browsing strategies

By now, you’d be hard-pressed to find even a novice PC user who doesn’t know that bad things come through browsers and Internet links in e-mail.

It’s amazing that in a battle as old as the Internet, we still don’t have clearly defined strategies for protecting our PCs from all forms of malicious attacks.

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Getting rid of an MP4 file that refuses to go

We’ve all had those instances when a file is no longer needed but the application that created it won’t let it go.

This usually happens when the application thinks it’s still working on the file, but in some cases the link is not so obvious.

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