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WOT gives shocking warning during Web browsing

A Web of Trust (WOT) warning about a seemingly innocuous site has a Lounge member wondering whether WOT is crying wolf.

Lounge member peterg was doing research on the Web and received a “ferocious” WOT screen. It even refused to let him read the intended site’s content.

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When Microsoft claims your Windows is invalid

Operating-system installation surprises include a variety of validation error messages.

You may have a perfectly legitimate reason to swap out a factory-installed operating system for an older version, but brace yourself for possibly startling reactions to your product key.

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Windows Secrets Lounge moving to new platform

To anyone who has used the Windows Secrets Lounge, it’s no secret that our forum is more difficult to use than it should be.

To make the Lounge a more inviting site, we’re moving it to a new platform — vBulletin — and giving it a new look.

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Many approaches to password protection

Of the many debates about personal-computing security, password protection is a perennial favorite.

Password schemes range from the what-me-worry, “I’ll just use my dog’s name,” to computer-generated ciphers that defy memorization and end up on sticky notes next to the PC.

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Word solution to field addressing goes viral

Sometimes seemingly obscure topics generate an unexpectedly large response from Lounge members.

This phenomenon is often triggered when a member posts a new solution to a vexing problem.

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Thoughts on the nominal end of Windows XP

As a rule, we don’t mention Windows Secrets articles here in Lounge Life.

But our recent story on the life and times of Windows XP — prompted by the announced end of XP sales — drew strong interest, both in the WS newsletter and in the Lounge.

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Searching for an easy-to-use e-mail client

Sometimes the best application is not the one with the most bells and whistles — it’s the one that does the job with minimal fuss.

Lounge member Dick Moores is helping out a friend who’s migrating to Windows 7 but may find Outlook more than is needed. Dick raises the question of what’s the best, simple e-mail client, and gets a passel of opinions.

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Choosing the ideal external back-up drive

Having a reliable external hard drive is fundamental to a good backup and archival storage strategy.

But deciding which drive is best-suited to your needs can be mind-boggling. Speed, capacity, overall size, and price are all important factors in the final choice. And then there are the intangibles. Are you going for the latest designer shape and color?

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Help for a hijacked e-mail identity

Having your e-mail address hijacked by spammers is more than irritating; it can damage your reputation and make communicating with friends and business associates painfully difficult.

Sometimes spammers simply steal your e-mail identity and send out thousands of unwanted messages under your name. Even worse, they might install malware on your PC and send their dreck from your own machine without your knowledge.

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Picking the best all-purpose media player

There’s no shortage of digital media players to choose from — iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player, and others can all do the job.

But picking one that works well with a variety of portable music devices can be surprisingly tough.

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