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Self repairing PCs

IBM has introduced the “Rapid Restore” utility for its line of
PCs that allows end-users to effectively re-image their PCs to
recover from data corruption, virus infections and other
software induced system failures. The utility works by restoring
a system image along with key application data from a hidden
disk partition that cannot be accessed by viruses or

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Look for Windows Secrets and Support Alert Newsletter

This Thursday, you’ll start receiving the combined publication. It will bear a new logo, Windows Secrets & Support Alert, as shown in the image at left. (This name will be shortened after a transitional period.)

The combined newsletter will have approximately 400,000 subscribers, far more than the 145,000 I’ve been publishing to in recent months. But I’ll have more time to focus on writing as the senior editor of the merged publication. The production help I’m receiving from the Windows Secrets staff is already making my life much easier.

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Comparing changes in Word documents

Last month I mentioned CSDiff, a freeware program that allows you to compare two word documents even if the documents were written with Word’s “track changes function turned off.

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Scrub your keyboard spotless

This company sells a wide range of keyboards, mice and other peripherals, all of which are waterproof so they can be washed and disinfected. That’s good for hospitals but wouldn’t it be nice if in the future we users could simply wash our computers to remove any program bugs and nasty malware. Thanks to JW. …This article is part of our premium content. Join Now.Already a paid subscriber? Click here to login.

Free service for creating permanent online notes and lists

Like to be able to access your To-do list or notes from anywhere using a web browser? That’s exactly what you can do using the free Ubernote web service. It uses a speedy AJAX based WYSIWYG text editor that supports special features for list creation.

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Firefox 3 incompatible with Live Hotmail

Subscriber Dag Landsnes writes, “Gizmo, I just wanted to mention a problem that occurs for people using the full version of Live Hotmail with Firefox 3. The full version of Live Hotmail is not compatible with Firefox 3, thus all users are automatically downgraded to the simpler classic version. Here’s a link confirming what I just said.”

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Turn your PC keyboard into the real thing

Subscriber Noel Glucksman writes, “If the wimpy, muted, clicky-clicky of your fancy-shmancy, ergonomically correct, wrist-supported, illuminated, OSHA-approved, Birkenstock reverse-tilt keyboard just doesn’t do it for you, then download the free “Noisy Keyboard”

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Random password generator

This site will generate 64 character cryptographic strength passwords for you. If you don’t need a password this long just take as many characters as you need, such as the first 10.

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Are security products a security risk?

This is no surprise. Let’s face it, security products are software and all software products are flawed. What is surprising is just how many flaws were detected in this survey; more than 800 vulnerabilities in all. Maybe we need a new class of software to protect our PCs from our security programs :>)

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Dislike Vista? Then Have Your Say Here

Here’s a site where folks post the many failings in the Vista interface. You can vote for those you agree with or add you own complaints.

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