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Pop-up ads can land you in jail

If you find yourself the victim of pop-up ads on a computer, with
children in the vicinity, you could face decades in prison.

I wish that I was exaggerating or being sensationalistic, but for Julie
Amero this is far too real.

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Use Vista without activation for 120 days

It’s widely assumed that a newly installed copy of Windows Vista must be
"activated" before 30 days are up.

But Microsoft has built into Vista a simple, one-line command that anyone can
use to extend the activation deadline of the product to a total of 120 days —
almost four full months!

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More on the Vista upgrade secret

I revealed in my Feb. 1 article that you can buy the “upgrade” version of Windows Vista and
clean-install it to any hard drive, with or without a preexisting version of
Windows XP or 2000.

This renders the more expensive “full” version of Vista unnecessary —
and many of my readers have provided additional information about why
this upgrade trick works.

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Get Vista upgrade, never pay full price

Many people are upset the fact that the economical, “upgrade” version of
Vista won’t accept a Windows XP or Windows 2000 CD-ROM as proof of
ownership. Vista Upgrade is said to install only to a hard disk that already has
XP or 2000 already on it.

But I’ve tested a method that allows you to clean-install the
Vista upgrade version on any hard drive, with no prior XP or W2K installation
— or even a CD — required.

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Beware of unexpected holiday gifts

now you’ve opened your presents and you’re playing with your new tech
toys — but don’t let the Grinch spoil your holiday season.

Let’s take a quick look at some flaws that Microsoft hasn’t yet patched,
and which people may use to try to scam you this season.

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LangaList is merging with Windows Secrets

I have important news for everyone who uses Windows. The LangaList — a respected e-mail newsletter that’s uncovered the tips and tricks
of Microsoft’s operating system for nine years — is merging with the
Windows Secrets Newsletter.

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IE 7 needs tweaking for safety

Microsoft’s new Internet Explorer 7.0 browser, which was released to the
public last week, includes several security improvements but still has weaknesses
inherited from IE 6.

I’ll show you an easy way to “harden” IE 7 so you’re protected against
hacker threats that haven’t even been invented yet.

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Vista changes lock out antivirus makers

Microsoft is making

statements claiming it’s going to let security
vendors such as Symantec and McAfee
have access to the Vista kernel. I don’t believe it.

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MS OneCare halts flow of antivirus info

When Microsoft
announced it was entering the antivirus biz, the usual nattering nabobs of
negativism moaned and groaned about unfair competition and unlevel playing

But several recent events seem to confirm the worst: Microsoft may well be using its
desktop monopoly to trump its AV competitors. What do you think?

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Readers reveal the secrets of IE 7

Microsoft’s new browser, Internet Explorer version 7.0, will ship sometime
soon with updated features and better security — so of course our contributing
editor Woody Leonhard explained on
Sept. 14 how to
prevent version 7 from automatically downloading to your PC.

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with IE 7, mind you. Woody just thinks
other people, not you, should be the first to get bitten any point-oh bugs.

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