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Secure flash drives keep you safe on the road

In a
Sept. 24 Top Story,
I described how to evade keyloggers when using a public PC by storing your personal information on a flash drive.

If you don’t mind paying a little extra to maintain your privacy and security, a specialized flash drive called IronKey can help you stay safe while using an untrustworthy computer.

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Microsoft mucks up Windows 7 licensing

Windows 7 is a great product with relatively few foibles, but there’s one major Win7 mess that has me seeing red.

The licensing terms for the new version of Windows are inconsistent, inaccurate, and downright inane — assuming you can wade through Microsoft’s legalese in the first place.

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Today’s the day to try out our new resource

I promised in a special news update on Nov. 26 that I’d notify Windows Secrets paying subscribers this week about a free service we’ve added to our site.

Our free subscribers will get the word in a gradual series of e-mails to be phased across the week of Dec. 14–18, but until then you have a chance to take advantage of the resource all by yourself.

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Watch for a special notice in your inbox

Windows Secrets has just finished adding to our site a new resource that’s so great I think I might pee in my pants.

I want to tell you all the details — but I can’t! — not quite yet.

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Your Windows 7 migration problems solved

The Windows 7 rollout has gone extraordinarily well, with millions of machines upgraded in just a few weeks.

But some Win7 upgraders have encountered problems ranging from installation headaches to missing games to confusing — boy howdy, really confusing — licensing questions.

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Clean-install Windows 7 from the upgrade disc

Topping the long list of readers’ Windows 7 questions is whether you can use the upgrade disc to perform a clean-install of the new OS.

You may be surprised to discover that in Windows 7 there’s no difference between the “upgrade” and “full” DVDs and — just as with XP and Vista — the cheaper upgrade version can indeed be used to perform a clean-install.

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Find safe-browser technologies that really work

The major browsers and security programs all tout their ability to warn you about malware sites before you visit them, but do any of these early-warning systems really work?

Experts say they’re all useful, but none provides a silver bullet — and any browser-security product’s claims of superiority are extremely difficult to verify.

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The pros and cons of switching to Windows 7

If you’re still sitting on the fence about upgrading to Windows 7 — after all, it’s been widely available for all of a few hours now — I’d like to regale you with my top eight reasons to jump in with both feet.

I’ll also tell you three possible reasons for keeping the new OS on the shelf — for a while, at least.

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Press delete: the risk of outsourcing your data

A recent failure affecting T-Mobile’s Sidekick service caused thousands of customers to lose their personal contact information.

There’s nothing new about servers crashing, and something like this is sure to happen again, so you need to protect yourself against such losses in the future.

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Sponsored search results lead to malware

The ads served by Bing and Google along with your search results are linking more and more often to sites trying to infect your machine.

Neither Bing nor Google effectively prescreens these bogus advertisers, so it’s up to us to detect and avoid them.

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