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Add Premium/Enterprise features to XP or Vista

In the
last issue,
I explained how to add Vista Business features to either
Windows XP or Vista Home Premium.

But you can also add features that are unique to Vista Home Premium and
Vista Ultimate if you have Windows XP or Vista Business.

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Add ‘business’ features to XP or Vista

Do you want the features of Windows Vista Business, Enterprise,

or Ultimate — even though you’re running Windows XP or

Vista Home Premium?

I’ll show you how to use free or inexpensive add-ons to get virtually the same

high-end features without paying Microsoft’s upgrade fees.

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Epson’s claims of cheaper ink are empty

Users of multi-color inkjet printer cartridges end up
throwing away half of their ink, according to a study commissioned

But a Kodak-sponsored study focuses on the bottom line, saying
you’ll pay more per page with printers that require a different
cartridge for each color, such as Epson’s.

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Microsoft evades promise of Vista Ultimate Extras

The Microsoft Corp. in January released Vista Ultimate, the priciest
version of the company’s new operating system, with the promise of additional downloadable “Extras,” available only for the top-of-the-line product.

Months later, buyers of Vista Ultimate have seen no new Extras since the mere
handful that were offered around the initial Vista

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Svchost.exe gets worse before it’s fixed

Problems with an important Windows component, svchost.exe, can
consume up to 100% of CPU time.

Now, a beta release of Windows Live Messenger threatens to spread the problem to
even more users, unless their systems are patched soon.

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Practice ‘safe surfing’ with public Wi-Fi signals

You see them everywhere your Wi-Fi laptop goes: unprotected wireless signals
offering "Free Internet Access" or "Free
Public Wi-Fi."

But connect to them and you’ll be disappointed. In a few cases,
you may even have your computer hacked. Here’s the scoop on how to protect

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A crusade against bad EULAs

Scott Dunn

For at least a decade, InfoWorld veteran Ed Foster has been writing about the
uses and abuses of end-user license agreements (EULAs).

What began as examples of bad service
agreements that were more funny than dangerous has become a crusade against
complicated language and outrageous requirements and penalties. I talked to
Foster about fighting the good fight.

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Is your security system up to date? maintains a
WSN Security Baseline page to keep you current
on the bare minimum you need to protect your home or small-business systems against

This list is based on our analysis of the reviews and editor’s choices from leading PC
publications and Web sites, including PC Magazine,
PC World,
and others.

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Microsoft, McAfee, Symantec charge cards repeatedly

These days, most antivirus and other security products come with a
subscription to update your virus definitions.

Signing up usually means forced automatic subscription renewal, in which your
credit card is charged every year, and it’s not easy to opt out —
but I’ll show you how.

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Driver signing is a failure for Vista

To back up its claims that Windows Vista is “the safest version of Windows ever,”
Microsoft requires developers to use digital signatures on all 64-bit drivers for

This requirement, far from making the new operating system safer, actually does
little to stop hackers but may be partially responsible for a shortage of drivers that are needed
Vista users.

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