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Passport flaws let anyone control passwords

Weaknesses in Microsoft’s “single sign-in” Passport technology
forced the Redmond company early this month to temporarily shut down
the ability of Passport users to change their passwords.

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XP, IE, and OE patches cause their own problems

It hasn’t been Microsoft’s best month for releasing patches.

After it was widely reported that installing a recent security patch
can slow Windows XP to a crawl, the Redmond company
had to admit the problem and scale back its recommendation that
all XP users apply the update.

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XP Service Pack 1 hoses CD-ROM and floppy-diskaccess

Microsoft’s launch of its new Windows Server 2003 line is just
taking place as I write this, and my readers are starting to send
fascinating tips about its secrets. But while I’m compiling a new batch
of articles on that subject, the most interesting gotcha I’ve
heard of this week involves Windows XP with Service Pack 1

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Microsoft to release Windows Server 2003

San Francisco will be even geekier than usual on April 24
as Microsoft
descends on the city for the formal ceremony releasing its
server operating system, Windows Server 2003
(formerly entitled Windows 2003 .NET Server).
The product is positioned as an upgrade to Windows 2000

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Fun with Microsoft licensing

I’m not going to repeat here all the complaints people have about
Microsoft’s various software licensing schemes. But reader William
Walo II found a new wrinkle lately. Since he’s so good at telling
the story, I’ll let him do the talking:

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XP passwords rendered useless

Windows XP, which has been marketed Microsoft as “the most secure
ever,” has been found to have a flaw so bone-headed that it renders
passwords ineffective as a means of keeping people out of your PC.

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