Wacky Web Week

Do you want an app for the time of day?

Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter had some fun recently at Apple’s expense, as they quizzed Siri about the time of day via Andy’s new Apple Watch. As everybody knows, Apple doesn’t make mistakes. So you can watch this video for the wry pleasure of two comedians’ take on technology — and on our sometimes misplaced expectations. How many times have you said: “Gee, I must be doing something wrong.” Click below or go to the original YouTube video. Post your thoughts about this story in the WS Columns forum.

Advanced technology: Waving to the whale

A crew controlling an underwater remotely operated vehicle had their workday brightened by a leviathan swimming into view. Luckily, the crew had cameras rolling.

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Are programmers training your replacement?

Monday morning, Aiko Chihira began her new job as a greeter at Tokyo’s Mitsukoshi department store. The talented robot (truly not human) can speak and use sign language in Japanese and other languages.

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What old people keep saying about young people

If you’re very young, you might be puzzled by the appeal of a sketch called “The Four Yorkshiremen,” first performed in 1967. Comedians of a certain age.

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Some fun — watching a dog watching a dog

Clearly, some people assume the greatest use of an entertainment center is to amuse their pets. And sometimes, we’re entertained by videos of the pets watching videos. Take, for example, this clip of Minny, a little dog who gets lots of exercise while watching another canine hopping high into the air. An enthusiastic viewer, Minny pogo-sticks along with the video activity. The household cat is not amused.

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Dr. Jane Goodall: The soul of patience

After a long career keeping a steady eye on wild African chimpanzees — and delivering research that contradicted long-held beliefs about primates — Jane Goodall has no trouble holding her own in an interview with the comedian John Oliver.

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In case you need encouragement to have fun

We were distracted last week — by work, I think — from the important rites of St. Patrick’s Day. But we intend to make amends this week. We offer for your viewing pleasure Roy, a herding dog who is a legend in Gloucestershire and who might, naturally hustle any group of sheepish friends into a pub for a few pints of beer.

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Brisbane musician is a one-man cover band

Sometimes imitation becomes a new form of art. Such might be the case with Australian performer Tom Thum — a beat-boxer of extraordinary talent. Tom makes music (often percussive) and other noises with just his mouth and a microphone. He persuasively mimics musical stylists as diverse as a didgeridoo instrumentalist and Michael Jackson.

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Don’t underestimate your corvid neighbors

Many life-changing relationships begin by chance, as is the case with eight-year-old Gabi and her Seattle crow neighbors.

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