Wacky Web Week

An argument for best use of credit cards

Most people don’t have enough plastic in their wallets to equip a band the way this band does: every one of its instruments incorporates a credit card (or quite a few of them) as material.

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Artists with paint cans strive for glory, too

Athletes from everywhere weren’t the only competitors who got on planes and flew to London this summer. So did a few graffiti artists from Zurich, Switzerland.

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World Order shows us “Machine Civilization”

World Order is a band and dance troupe formed by the retired Japanese mixed-martial artist, Genki Sudo. In this video, World Order comes to streets and monuments of Mexico, which induces a number of passersby to pause and photograph the event. Play the video

He is a walrus of distinction and flair

E.T. might look a little alien up close, but he’s a walrus who talks. He might even be able to say, after some thought, “goo goo g’joob” (quoting from the Beatles’ song lyrics). Or maybe not.

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Three inanimate dancers: kite choreography

Ray Bethell is a world-champion, professional kite flyer from Vancouver, British Columbia. He has managed stacks of kites in the air — as many as 39 at a time.

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Surrealism revisited: Super Mario Brothers

Here’s an idea: let’s look in on a Web series hosted by PBS Idea Channel’s Mike Rugnetta, who likes to talk about the intersection of modern technology and art.

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Tech-savvy magician is an artful, honest liar

Magician Marco Tempest used an application he wrote to synchronize videos across the screens of multiple iPods — which he collected from audience members just before showtime — for a TED talk last summer.

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Celebrating the Fourth of July with gusto

Almost every U.S. town — large and small — hosts a parade on the Fourth of July. But in the small, ski-resort town of Truckee, California, the pageant gets pretty wacky.

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Henri observes the rituals of le vet

Since the last time we saw Henri, he’s learned he’s famous on the Internet. But for what? He’s suspicious. His French is mocked — but why? It’s “purrfect,” he tells us, in subtly ironic French, of course, with English subtitles.

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Theatrically decorous all day long

Not all clowns are boisterous.

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